Dillon Attach COD World Champion: Career Earnings & Achievements


It didn’t take so long to reach your goals when you have a passion for it, and Dillon Attach has proved this.

At a very young age of 18, he won the World Champion title for Call Of Duty: Warzone.

But, still, it is not as easy as it looks because there are several competitive players of this game in Esports.

However, attach manage to adapt to the competitive players of the field and won the title unexpectedly.

His earnings at a very young age are continuously increasing and this article will show you how much he earns and his achievements as well.

Stay tuned!

A Bit Overview About The Youngest Esport’s World Champ Of COD

Attach is an American eSports player and a gamer content creator on youtube.

Before playing for FaZe Clan, Attach has competed for rising Nation and Denial eSports.

However, he is currently for Minnesota ROKKR competing in his favorite game COD.

Attach started his career at a very young age when he first heard about the game from a friend who plays basketball together.

The first COD tournament in which he appeared was MLG Anaheim 2013 in which he finished 23rd.

Tournaments & Achievements Of Dillon Attach

DatePositionLeague NamePrize Money
29-03-20151stCall Of Duty Championship 2015$400,000
12-07-20151stUMG Dallas$16,000
28-05-20173rdCWL Pro League Stage 2017$80,000
13-08-20175thCWL Championship 2017$55,000
08-04-20181stCWL Pro League Stage 2018$200,000
19-08-20183rdCWL Championship 2018$100,000
12-07-20201stCall Of Duty League 2020$50,000
23-08-20207thCall Of Duty League: Playoff 2020$175,000
01-08-20211stCall Of Duty League 2021$200,000
21-08-20214thCall Of Duty League: Playoff 2021$150,000

Earnings & Prize Money


Comparing the earnings of Dillon Attach, he is the #44 Nation wise, and #284 Globally.

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