Top 8 E-Sports Players From Finland | How Much They Earn In A Year?

Finland is one of the most prominent European countries in terms of strong e-sport players. The Finnish especially love DOTA and Counter-Strike games. But there are some very talented pro-players that excel in other games. This list focuses on the very best of professional gamers from Finland.


JeRax is one of the top DOTA 2 players of all time. He comes second when it comes to the most tournament money won in the world! This would make him one of the richest pro-players in the world! JeRax is extremely talented and has been playing Dota 2 since 2013. He has since retired as a player and we have seen him the role of a team coach. Before that, he played the role of support for such teams like Team Liquid and OG. His total tournament earnings are estimated at $6,486,948.78.


Topson has been present in the DOTA 2 scene since 2017. He started by playing for a team called SFTe-sports. Topson has since played for OG, T1 and Old G. He is one of the most, if not the most talented solo mid players in the world. Topson is still currently playing the game professionally and has earned around $5,698,989 from live tournaments throughout his career.


One of the best e-sport players in Finland, Matumbaman is another DOTA 2 player on our list. It is estimated that he has won around $4,875,325 from tournaments. He has been present in teams such as Team Liquid, Team Secret and Chaos EC. He is most known for his great performance on Lone Druid and Lycan. Matumbaman has been recently retired from professional play.


Serral is the first player on our list that doesn’t come from the DOTA 2 community. He is instead one of the greatest StarCraft II players of all time. He mains Zergs and has been active in the pro-gaming scene since 2011 and he doesn’t stop to amaze even today. Serral’s prize money earned is estimated at $1,213,986.


Mxey is a Finnish PUBG player. He has won multiple major tournaments in the years 208 and 2019. His total live tournaments earnings are estimated to be $491,083.18. Mxey is one of the most talented players from the PUBG community and is still active in the professional scene.


Allu is a Finnish CS:GO player who has been active in an abundance of different teams throughout the years. Among others, he has played for Faze, Ninjas in Pyjamas and OpTic. He has been active since 2009, first playing Counter-Strike, and transitioned to Global Offensive in 2012. Allu has won an estimate of $430,885.62 from tournament games.


Juhani Toivonen, or Kantoraketti is a professional Rainbow Six: Siege player from Finland. One of the most talented R6S players in Europe, Kantoraketti has played for teams such as G2, ENCE and Rogue. He is currently playing for KOI. Kantoraketti specializes in operators such as Ash, Zofia and Doc. He has won an estimate of $400,119 from tournaments.


Aleksi Virolainen is another CS:GO player on our list. Aleksib has won around $397,491 of prize pool money throughout his career. He has played for ENCE, G2 and is now playing for Ninjas in Pyjamas. Despite his young age, he has present in the professional scene for a very long time.

No.Player IDName GameTournament Earnings
1.JerAxJesse VainikkaDOTA 2$6,486,948.78
2.TopsonTopias TaavitsainenDOTA 2$5,698,989.00
3.MATUMBAMANLasse UrpalainenDOTA 2$4,873,411.04
4.SerralJoona SotalaSCII$1,213,986.05
5.mxeyAnssi PekkonenPUBG$491,083.18
6.alluAleksi JalliCS:GO$430,885.62
7.KantorakettiJuhani ToivonenR6S$400,119.23
8.AleksibAleksi VirolainenCS:GO$397,491.03