Famous Pakistani eSports Players Who Won The Title Incredibly

Popular Pakistani eSports Player Who Won The Title Incredibly

eSports is a fastly growing industry that promotes championships and World Cups with tournaments between top-class players. 

When we say top-class players, Pakistanis are on the top of the list.

Pakistan had some of the top video games players in the world that have made a huge reputation in the gaming world. 

However, some of them are underrated, but there are some famous names like Arslan Ash who do not need any introduction.

Here in this blog post, we have covered the names of famous eSports Pakistani players who played remarkably.

Let’s get started!

Top 3 Famous Pakistani eSports Players

1 – SumaiL Hassan – Dota 2 Player

The first Pakistani player on our list is a teenage boy Sumail Hassan who is known as the king of Dota 2 player. 

He didn’t even have his personal computer but the craziness of video games take him so far in his journey.

SumaiL goes with his cousin and friends on a bike to an internet cafe to play the game. He sold his bike when he ran out of money and was unable to pay for Dota 2.

Luckily, his father moved his entire family to the US and this is where the gates of opportunities opened for SumaiL.

When he arrived in the US and start exploring the places of his interest. SumaiL began playing a North American Elite League and established himself as a top North American player.

With time, he got a recruitment offer from Evil Geniuses on 5 January 2015.

However, he established and made himself and his team an expert in Dota 2 and appeared in the International 2015 eSport championship.

Although, the Evil geniuses took $6.6 million with them and SumaiL had a share of $1.7 million at that time. 

Do you know what’s the surprising fact? He was only 16 years old When he won the international tournament and earned $1.7 million.

From the age of 16 to 22, SumaiL has made a net worth of $3.8 million which is unbelievable.

Earnings By Age

16 years old$1.4 million
17 years old$650K
18 years old$265K
19 years old$638K
20 years old$285K
21 years old$17K
22 years old$218K

Earnings By Year

2015$1.73 million

2 – YawaR Hassan – Dota 2 Player

Yawar Hassan is the elder brother of SumaiL Hassan. Seeing his brother a successful millionaire gamer, he also developed his interest in eSports gaming.

Luckily, his brother SumaiL helped him to achieve the success he goes through like brothers and managed to make him #2 in highest earnings from Pakistan.

Till now, Yawar has earned more than $600K only from a single game Dota 2. 

He recently won the international tournament of 2021 that was hosted in October.

In this tournament, YawaR placed 9th and won a fortune of $160,080.

This amount was just an addition to the earnings of the previous tournament he won for $127,000 in 2018 and $137,320 in 2019.

Earnings By Year


3 – Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique – Fighting Game Player

The Arslan Ash is a name that does not need any kind of introduction. He’s the only player who decides to live in Pakistan even after winning the tournament of Taken.

He is mainly famous for his gaming skills in The King Of Fighters. He won the title of #1 in Taken Tag 2 and KOF XIII.

In the league of OUGaming in 2018, he single-handedly beat the regional competition to qualify for the King Of Fighters XIV Global Finals.

The fame and popularity of Arslan Ash upscaled after winning unexpectedly at EVO Japan in 2019 beating a highly professional player Knee once again.

He is ranked as the #3 in highest earnings for players from Pakistan. The total prize money he earned from 17 different tournaments is $84, 876.

Earnings By Year


Earnings By Age

23 years old$62,518
24 years old$5,037
25 years old$15,000
26 years old$2,320

Some Other Famous Pakistani Players Who Appeared In eSports

Awais Honey$18,922
Bad Sunny$8,000
Saif 4U $8000
Sharky $8000
Atif Butt$6,475

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