Top 10 Female Esports Twitch Streamers

Did you know some female esports Twitch streamers have more per hours views than boys?

Game streaming has been a thing for boys and is considered exclusive for girls.

However, as time passes, girls are also taking interest and struggling to establish a lucrative career in Esports.

There are top 10 female Esports Twitch streamers who have maintained a perfect balance between streaming and a profitable income.

Check out the list below!

NameTwitch FollowersInstagram FollowersHours StreamedEarningsViewers Per HourTotal Viewers
Pokimane5.1 million6 million3501$35K/Month32K11.52 Million
LoserFruit1.6 million1.3 million67535.2k/Month5K34 million
Loeya1.1 million135K807235K/Month5.3K43 million
KittyPlays1.1 million386K13KN/A13K30 million
itsHAFU785K150K7005$21K11K82 million
OMGitsfirefoxx755K400K409N/A23K95 million
LegendaryLea642K88K2653N/A16K42 million
DizzyKitten600K114K4766$7.5K/Month5.8K27 million

1 – Pokimane

Pokimane is a Canadian-American who was born in Morroco on May 14, 1996.

She is the youngest female eSports Twitch streamer who has 5.1 million followers.

There are several languages that Pokimane is fluent in such as Arabic, English, Moroccan, and Darija.

League Of Legends and Fortnite are the games she always streams about and shows her passion and determination.

However, her Instagram fan following is around 6 million which is quite impressive.

2 – LoserFruit

Belsten Aka Loserfruit is a full-time streamer who previously worked as an intern at Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

She had in-depth knowledge and expertise in manipulation, pursuit, and communication of information.

Somehow, Loswerfuit also find her passion for in-game streaming and gained tremendous attention with games like Overwatch and Fortnite.

Unfortunately, she also became a victim of harassment and sexually harassing messages while streaming.

The surprising thing is that these messages came from gamers and subscribers who are mostly men.

3 – Loeya

Loeya is a Swedish Twitch streamer who mainly started her career on Twitch in 2017.

In just 3 years she gained 15 million viewership and 1 million followers. Loeya mainly plays Fortnite and is one of the best Fortnite female players.

However, she experienced her biggest success in 2019 when the streaming for Fortnite was at its peak.

Besides her gaming skills, she also had a bubbling and attractive personality that let the spectators stay for a long.

4 – KittyPlays

The streaming career of KittyPlays began in 2013. For two years straight, she ate, sleep, and streamed only.

Although some of the benefits of this beneficiary’s labor have been contributed back to the system to help others follow her example.

Team Kitty has been networking and mentoring female Twitch creators by establishing Team Kitty since it was founded by her in 2009.

It is only the surface of this streaming star that is comprised of charm and skill with a gun.

5 – itsHAFU

Rumay Wang aka itsHAFU is an American Twitch streamer who was born in 1991.

She starts taking interest in streaming at the age of 14. However, Wang is also famous as World’s best player for Warcraft.

Her remarkable strength and charming personality earned her viewership of millions besides haters and sexism that she faced.

6 – OMGitsfirefoxx

Reid is another famous name on our list that has 755k followers on twitch.

She often streams part-time because of getting deadly threatening messages from stalkers.

However, Reid knows that objectification, and sexism is a common thing in the streaming community for girls and will not give up because of it.

There are several games that Reid likes to stream. On the other hand, most of her watching audience is mature, and luckily, her audience lovers her.

Before starting her career as a Twitch streamer, she completed her studies in computer programming.

7 – LegendaryLea

Lea graduated from the University of California in San Diego where she completed her studies in Physiology and Neuroscience.

She streamed several games that allured her a fan following of 642 followers.

Lea was also banned from the Twitch platform for 30 days in June 2016 due to her nudity on a live webcam while streaming which she didn’t do it deliberately.

8 – DizzyKitten

The original name of DizzyKitten is Brandi Nick who encountered her interest in gaming at the age of 11.

Her brother witnessed her interest specifically in Warcraft. 

Somehow, Brandi started her own Twitch streaming channel in 2013 and make her audience happy by making funny faces and jokes.

Her passion and sweet voice are very appealing to her audience and this is the main reason that she had 700k followers on twitch.