FIFA 21 eSports Tournament Calendar (How To Qualify)

Below is the outline of FIFA 21 competitive eSports calendar. From the release of FIFA 21 to the final major FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final which usually takes place in summer after series of reginal and other tournaments. We will be updating this page as often as new tournaments dates and details are announced.

Who is eligible to compete in FIFA 21 eWorld Cup ?

If you want to compete in competitive FIFA 21 tournaments organized by EA Sports you would need to follow the following steps.

  • Register yourself at the Fifa 21 Global Series
  • Play weekend league online and achieve atleast 27 wins out of 30 matches in a week to get FutChampion verified.
  • Futchampions verified will be invited to official reginal qualifiers followed by playoffs for place in one of the upcoming live events.
  • You gather enough points throughout the live events and other official tournaments to be placed in top 64 ranking to get invited for FIFA 21 eWorld Cup which takes place in June/July 2021.

Are there many other tournaments before FIFA eWorld Cup ?

Yes, there are many tournaments before the eWorld Cup Grand Final takes place. These are known as live events or regional tournaments.

  • Online Regional Cups: are knockout tournaments open to all futchampions verified players. Each tournament has limit of 1024 players who can participate in a single event so if more than 1024 players qualify for tournament only 1024 top players with most global points till that stage eligible/invited to play.
  • Leagues: EA Sports has partnered with 30 football leagues around the world and fifa 21 players can join one of the clubs in those leagues and represent the club at Regional Playoffs. All leagues will announce their own tournaments.
  • Regional Playoffs: players who will be ranked top of the global series points ladder will get a chance to compete against players finishing top in each of the thiry leagues in a Regional Playoffs in order to get Regional Champion.

Official Event Schedule/Calendar:

For FIFA 21, the competitive scene starts by end of november 2020/early december 2020 in each region to give players enough time and chance to qualify for regional qualifiers.

FUT21 Champions Cup Stage IDecember (TBA)
FUT21 Champions Cup Stage IIDecember (TBA)
Gfinity FIFA Series JanuaryJanuary 2021
FUT21 Champions Cup Stage IIIJanuary 2021
FIFA eClub World CupFebruary 2021
FUT21 Champions Cup Stage IVFebruary 2021
eChampions LeagueMarch 2021
CONMEBOL eLibertadoresMarch 2021
FUT21 Champions Cup Stage VApril 2021
PlayStation Licensed Qualifying EventMay 2021
FUT20 Champions Cup Stage VIMay 2021
FIFA eNations CupMay 2021
Global Series Playoffs - PS4June 2021
Global Series Playoffs - Xbox OneJune 2021
FIFA eWorld Cup Grand FinalAugust

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