Fortnite World Cup 2021 Prize Money (Confirmed)

The Fortnite World Cup 2021 will be taking place in Summer 2021 with confirmed dates to be announced by February. Epic wants to keep the highly successful format of 2019 when Kyle Giersdorf (Bugha) became the first Solo champion of Fortnite World Cup and taking home massive $3 million in prize money. 2020 edition was canceled because of the Corona virus pandemic but Epic has confirmed the 2021 event and more details will be announced at the start of the year.

We take a look at what will be at stake for Fortnite players and why Fortnite is one of the most lucrative eSports games in the world.

Fortnite World Cup 2021 Prize Money Breakdown:

Epic confirmed a total of $30 million prize money pool for 2021 event which will be shared between solo and duos players according to how they finish in the tournament.

There will be two major categories for the 2021 edition called “Solo event” and “Duos Event”. The winner of Solo tournament will pocket $3 million while the duos’s winner team also get to share $3 million. The interesting fact is that each and every player of the 100 qualified for Solo event are guaranteed atleast $50,000 regardless where they finish. In duo teams tournament all 50 qualified teams are guaranteed $100,000 as participation bonus. The higher you finish obviously the higher prize money gets.

Below is the entire breakdown of Fortnite World Cup prize money.

Fortnite World Cup 2021 Prize Money
Winner$3 millionWinners$3 million
Runners-up$1.8 millionRunners-up$2.25 million
3rd Place$1.2 million3rd Place$1.8 million
4th Place$1 million4th Place$1.5 million
5th Place$900,0005th Place$900,000
6th Place$600,0006th Place$450,000
7th Place$525,0007th Place$375,000
8th Place$375,0008th Place$375,000
9th Place$300,0009th Place$225,000
10th Place$225,00010th Place$225,000
11th to 15th Place$150,00011th to 50th Place$100,000
16th to 20th Place$112,500
21st to 100th Place$50,000

How much is the prize money for the winner of Solo Fortnite World Cup tournament ?

$3 million dollars will be awarded to the winner of Solo competition. The runners-up get $1.8 million and third place finish in Solo event gets you $1.2 million. Each of the 100 players who qualify for Fortnite solo finals get $50,000 guaranteed as participation bonus regardless what rank they finish.

How many players qualify for Solo Event in Fortnight World Cup:

100 players compete in the final Fortnite Solo event. They qualify through various tournaments leading upto the World cup.

How much is the total prize money pool for Fortnite World Cup ?

Epic announced $30 million will be awarded in prize money for solo and duo events.

Who can qualify for the Fortnite World cup 2021 ?

Any player aged 16 or above can qualify for the World cup. they will have to earn qualifying points via various online and offline events to be part of final 100 players.

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