Fortnite World Cup 2021 Dates Announced ?

Now Epic Games have announced that Fortnite World Cup will return in 2021 and it might just be even bigger that the first edition. The online qualifiers will begin by March 2021 and the tournament itself will take place in June 2021 in yet to be announced venue.

Fortnite World Cup 2021 is likely to take place in July 2021 at the Kind Arthur Stadium in New York. It is not officially announced yet but Epic are close to agreeing TV & online broadcasting deals for “upcoming Esports events” with networks around the world. So we are 99% sure Fortnite world cup will be announced any time in next month or two.

Epic games arranged what was the biggest Esports competition ever with Fortnite World Cup 2019 taking place in USA. With over 20,000 people in attendance and millions watching “Bugha” became the first ever Fortnite World Cup solo winner and took home $3 million in prize money (the most in any Esports event). Epic games had announced Fortnight World Cup 2020 as well but due to covid-19 it was canceled.

Any changes ahead of Fortnite World Cup 2021 ?

Epic games have had a chance to absorb the absolute top notch first edition back in 2019, which had Solo, duos, creative and celebrity team events and they might just add a few more or at least separate mouse/keyboard and console competitions.

First Fortnite World Cup came more as a surprise success but now everyone is waiting for the next edition and with the kind of prize money at stake all major sports networks are likely to cover the event just like any other major sports event both in TV news and online coverage.

DATEJuly 2021
VENUETBA (likely to be Arthur Ashe Stadium, New York)
Format(s)1). Solo 2). Duos 3). Creative Cup 4). Pro-Am (streamers & celebrities)
Prize MoneyEpic designated US$100 million for Esports for next three years. That include hosting costs and prize money pool for players. 2021 World Cup prize money should be similar to what Epic awarded in 2019)
BroadcastingEpic plans to broadcast the World Cup 2021 on Youtube and through their website.

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