Highest Earning E-Sport Player For Every Major E-Sport Title

The E-Sport boom continues strong, with hundreds of thousands of pro-players winnings big in thousands of competitive video-games. Amongst them are the very most lucrative e-sport titles and world’s best players. Those players recieve internet fame, as well as score lots of money. This is the list of those players, for every major e-sport game.

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He is one of many amazing DOTA 2 players from Scandinavia. This Danish/Faeroese. N0tail is likely to be the most talented DOTA 2 player in the world. He has proven his worth by winning multiple e-sport titles including two Internationals wins and four DOTA 2 majors victories. N0tail played as a support for many recognizable teams such as Cloud-9, Fnatic and Team OG. His skill allowed him to cash-out approximately over 7 million USD from his tournament prizes throughout his career. N0tail streams on Twitch under his other alias BigDaddy.



Kyle Giersdorf is one of the most famous Fortnite players. He made a name for himself on the internet after winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. His 2019 win came with a large point margin, scoring 59 points and almost doubling the second place with 33 points. Bugha’s Fortnite success allowed him to have a promising internet career not only as a pro-player but also as a Twitch streamer and Youtuber. You can still catch Bugha’s streams here.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


When it comes to CS:GO, in order to stay on top, you have to have been present in the pro-scene for a long time. The best of the best come and retire as the game spans over a decade with over 6000 major tournaments played throughout the game’s lifetime. Dupreeh has been present in the CS:GO scene from its very beginning in 2012, starting his career at around 19 years old. The Danish player has won over 2 million USD in tournament prize money during his career. Dupreeh has been linked to some of the best CS:GO teams such as Copenhagen Wolves and Team Dignitas, but has been the most successful with Team Astralis, which he joined back in 2016.

League of Legends


Every League of Legends player recognizes the name of Faker. Faker is the undisputed king of the middle-lane. Winning over 1.5 million USD in prize money from LoL e-sport tournamets, he is one of the best South Korean players in the world. Faker has played most of his career for T1. He streams his League of Legends games over at Twitch.tv.


Loki and Paraboy

PUBG’s e-sport scene is divided into PC and Mobile. While Paraboy is the king of the mobile PUBG scene, the PC scene is ruled by Loki. Paraboy is a Chinese pro-player and Loki comes from South-Korea. Both of them are very successful as their career winnings stand high at 1.3 mill USD (Paraboy) and ~980k USD (Loki).

StarCraft II


One of the greatest StarCraft II players in the world. This Finnish pro-player has won the hearts of many SC fans. Serral has won an abundance of e-sport tournaments and managed to win a total of around 2 million USD in prize money. Serral is undoubtedly one of the best Zerg players in StarCraft’s history. He has been present in the e-sport scene since 2011 and has been active both as a player and a caster (since 2019).



Smurf has been reigning supreme in the Overwatch scene for a long time now. He can be proud of being one of the best tank players in Overwatch’s pro-scene. This South-Korean player has won a total of ~740k USD just from tournament pools. He has been active with one of the very top Overwatch teams, San Fransico Shock. He has also been playing for Seoul Dynasty as of 2022. You can watch smurf play Overwatch and other games over at Twitch.

Rainbow Six Siege


Troy Jaroslawski is a proud Canadian e-sport player. Canadian, also known as BigBadNadian, is arguably the world’s best Rainbow Six Siege player. He has been playing for many great teams during his career and is currently active in DarkZero ESports. Winning over 400K USD, makes him the highest earning Ranbow Six Siege tournament player. You can find his streams here.



Valorant is still a pretty fresh title when it comes to the e-sport scene. While crashies beats other high-earning Valorant players by a very low margin (currently around 2k USD), it can’t be denied that he is one of the most talented players that got his hands on this game. Crashies’ total earnings round up to 150k USD.

1.DOTA 2N0tail~7 mill. USD
2.FortniteBugha~3.5 mill. USD
3.CS:GOdupreeh~2 mill. USD
4.League of LegendsFaker~1.5 mill. USD
5.PUBG (mobile)Paraboy~1.4 mill. USD
6.Starcraft IISerral~1.2 mill. USD
7.PUBG (PC)Loki~1 mill. USD
8.Overwatchsmurf~700k USD
9.Rainbow Six: SiegeCanadian~400k USD
10.Valorantcrashies~150k USD