How Much Money EA Generate From Online Ultimate Team & FIFA 23?

Money has changed the games to a great extent. The pandemic has shifted the trend to online sports as live games banned. Online game giant EA took a great chunk of this opportunity and made such wonderful improvements in the games that there is a huge rise in the fan base. FIFA is currently the most popular online game. How much money does EA generate from Ultimate Team and FIFA? Here are the complete financial details.

EA Money FIFA Ultimate

From the previous few years, people are spending much more money on the online games as they find it easy source for entertainment. Football is the most followed sport across the globe. Thus, EA improved the graphics and put realistic features and characters to the game and improve the market to get some more money.

How Much Money Does EA Generate from Online Ultimate Team & FIFA?

The reports confirmed that Electronic Arts (EA) pocketed $1.6 Billion from the game mode sales. Still more money is expected to come as EA improved the graphics and contracted with the players to represent their characters in the game. Many known players are signing image right deals with the sports giant to increase the market of FIFA and Ultimate Team.

Ultimate Team of FIFA is an amazing mode in the online game that allows you to create team using the player from any league. EA is holding contracts to use the players of FIFA, Madden, NHL, NBA and UFC games. Thus, there is a huge fan following and increased sales of FIFA online games across the world. Because people love playing with their favorite players in the games.

EA Sports Image Rights Deal

While using the players characters in the games without their consent, EA faced image rights issues with the players. Ibrahimović and Bale protested against the use of their characters in FIFA online game. Now, the contracts signed with many known players to increase the market. Now, EA is looking to make a revenue of $40 Billion from the Ultimate Team in FIFA 23.

Some of the world famous players who are currently the part of EA Sports FIFA Ultimate Team are below.

Lionel Messi

Messi is one of the most iconic footballer of current times who has millions of followers across the globe. He is a part of FIFA Ultimate Team and is holding a contract of worth $119,363,225. Messi is one of the most expensive player in the online games.

Christiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is also a part of FIFA online game and is the most demanding player. He is almost a part of every team. EA signed a contract deal with Ronaldo for $75,365,100 to make his appearance in the game.

Neymar Jr

EA Money FIFA Ultimate

Neymar Jr received the contract of $70,000,000 for his cover image in the FIFA Ultimate Team the last year. With his presence, fans are able to create the best team ever possible.

Kylian Mbappe

EA Money FIFA Ultimate

$56,570,175 is the the worth of the contract of Kylian Mbappe with EA Sports for featuring his character in Ultimate Game. He is also one of the most expensive player who is a part of FIFA online games.

Final Verdict

EA Sports generated $1,180 million from the online games sale in 2018. The revenue mounted to $1,369 in 2019 and crossed the mark of $1,491 million in 2020. The pandemic has changed the trend to online events as physical events cancelled. From May 2021 to May 2022, EA generated $1.6 Billion. Now, EA is looking to net a cash of $40 Billion from FIFA 23.

2018-2019$1,180 Million
2019-2020$1,369 Million
2020-2021$1,491 Million
2021-2022$1.6 Billion
2022-2023$40 Billion (Estimated)

That’s all about the details of revenue money EA Sports generate from the Online Ultimate Team and FIFA. The money will be increased when more players will sign the image rights deal with EA. All the further changes will be available here once a new update is available.