Famous Pakistani YouTube Vloggers Turn ESports Gamers

 Pakistani Youtubers ESports Gamers

It’s not easy to choose another career while but some people did it successfully. Here we provide you the list of the of Pakistan YouTubers who turned themselves from V-Logger to Esports. Saad Ur Rehman, Zaid Ali and others got big number of subscribers on their Gaming channel and starting doing video gaming vlogs. Pakistani YouTubers Esports Gamers increased day by day based on platform popularity in country.

Why These YouTubers Where Choose as Famous ESports Gamers?

  • Previously these youtubers make random videos.
  • Their content based on roasting, funny videos, and pranks.
  • Saad Ur Rehman well known for his roasting content
  • Zaid Ali, used to do video logging using content that attract Bollywood fans back in Pakistan and India
  • Shameer Abbas, use to do Pranks, interviews, video blogging content based on his channel.

Why ESports Becoming Famous In Pakistan?

  • People around the world love to watch the pro players gaming.
  • Twitch and YouTube live streaming options for gamers is easy access.
  • They can make money from streaming options of YouTube and Twitch.
  • To be part of ESports, you don’t need big budget mobile, mobile emulators on pc can be accessibly to play Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire Zone and PUBG.
  • Affiliation companies can approach top Esports players to endorse their products.
  • A chance to join the top gaming clans if the YouTube subscription increased.
  • Esports, can be choose as option as “professional career”.

Saad Ur Rehman | Ducky Bhai | Saad Ur Rehman well known for his name “Ducky Bhai” and controversies with some YouTube fellows. However, he began his video gaming channel where he used to play PUBG with random people. In short time period his YouTube channel gets big number of subscribers.

  • Gaming Channel | Ducky Extra
  • Subscribers | 1.71m
  • Earnings | $4k – based on his subscribers and video viewership
  • Join Date | 2017
Zaid Ali Gaming Channel 2022

Zaid Ali | Zaid Ali, Canada based Pakistan YouTuber got huge fame on his funny video’s and promote a unique content. In 2019, Zaid Ali also joined gaming community and gets huge number of fan following within days. He collaborate with Saad Ur Rehman. His current subscribers compare to Ducky Bhai Extra gaming channels less.

  • Gaming Channel | ZaidAliGaming
  • Subscribers | 220k
  • Earnings | $2k – based on his subscribers from (US, Canada, Pakistan)
  • Join Date | 2019
Shahmeer Abbas gaming channel

Shahmeer Abbas | Shahmeer Abbas did allot of work as YouTube vlogger created videos on his official channel that gets millions of views. He is another one who turned his way from Vlogging towards Esports. He created a channel in 2018, where he used to upload gaming live stream and other content related to it.

  • Gaming Channel | Shahmeer Ultra
  • Subscribers | 85K
  • Earnings | $1k – based on his video trending traffic location
  • Join Date | 2018

How Much They Earn | Source of Income ?

  • It’s difficult to predict how much they earn.
  • Saad Ur Rehman aka (Ducky Bhai) got more than 1.7m followers will earn somewhere $1.5k to $4k a month from his gaming channel.
  • Zaid Ali, earnings based on his content viewership as his channel operated back from Canada he may earn maximum upto $2k.

Note | The list based on Pakistani YouTubers Esports Gamers taken updated more personalities will be included to the list.