Top 20 Most Popular Sports Games On PS5 | Gran Turismo 7 & FIFA 22 Have The Greatest Fan Following

PS5 comes with its own adventure and thrill while the pandemic has shifted the trend to online games. Play Station allows you to play variety of thrilling games and especially sports like football and cricket in realistic graphics. Here we have a complete list of the most popular sports games on PS5 that allows you the complete fun and entertainment without doing the hectic work in the field.

Popular Sports Games PS5

It is quite easy to play the games who are released periodically each year as there are improvements in the realistic effects which are compatible with the Play Station 5. The games like FIFA and NBA 2K are the best games for PS5 as they come with the most realistic effects each year.

Most Popular Sports Games On PS5

PS5 allows you the play the games both online and offline. Moreover, you can also create a team while playing sports games like FIFA. But, most of them are solo. Moreover, some games are updated periodically that offers the best gaming experience while some games took a long to get updated. Knockout City, which was one of the best game of PS1, took a lot of time to make it compatible for playing on Play Station 5.

We have created a list of best arcade and simulated sports games you can play on PS5. Here are the complete details.

Gran Turismo 7

  • Units Sold | 80.04 million
  • Genre | Racing
  • Fan Base | 110 million

One of the top gaming developers Polyphony Digital have released the new version in 2022. Gran Turismo has gathered a strong fan base in the recent years as it provides realistic racing features to the fans. Gran Turismo 7 is the 9th successive edition of Gran Turismo series released in March. Moreover, it is the only edition of the game you can play on Play Station 4 and Play Station 5 both.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

  • Units Sold | 74.32 million
  • Genre | Skateboarding
  • Fan Base | 107.3 million

The skateboarding game developed by Vicarious Visions is at the 2nd spot in the list. The game is a combo of the two games originally released by Neversoft in 1999 and 2000. The developers makes the graphics compatible for Play Station 5 in 2021. Since then, more than 73.14 million units sold for PS5. To improve the picture quality, game is now merged with Blizzard Entertainment.

F1 2021

  • Units Sold | 71.7 million
  • Genre | Racing
  • Fan Base | 103.1 million

Just like the live races, fans are also crazy to play the thrilling race online. That’s why, Codemasters and EA Sports make the collaboration to release it for PS5. The deluxe edition released on July 13, 2021 and the game is set to play on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Microsoft windows on July 16. Till now, more than 70 million units have been sold which brought a great revenue to the developers.


  • Units Sold | 69.3 million
  • Genre | Racing
  • Fan Base | 101.7 million

French gaming developer company Kylotonn made this brilliant game that dominated the racing world. The game is the succession of 2020 WRC and is available for the Xbox and Play Station 5 in 2020. WRC 9 have created a solid fan base of 101.7 million.


  • Units Sold | 64.3 million
  • Genre | Football
  • Fan Base | 93.7 million

FIFA 22 is the most played game on Play Station 5 as well as on mobile and androids. It is the 29th installment of the FIFA series. The realistic graphics and characters increased a huge fan base as about 65 million fans are playing this game on PS5. In 2021-22, EA has earned $16 Billion from the game. Having the players characters of Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and Mbappe, EA is looking to earn some more money from the game. In the upcoming times, FIFA 23 will be launched by the end of this year.

MLB The Show 21

  • Units Sold | 61.3 million
  • Genre | Baseball
  • Fan Base | 87.4 million

The top gaming developer San Diego Studio and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment created this game. MLB The Show 21 features the Baseball tournament Major League Baseball. Released in 2021, you can play the game on Play Station 4 and Play Station 5.

OlliOlli World

  • Units Sold | 60.2 million
  • Genre | Skateboaring
  • Fan Base | 85.9 million

The skateboarding game, developed by Roll7, considered as the best skateboarding game on Play Station 5. Having the realistic features, more than 85 million fans play it on the gaming console as it provides 3 dimensional view.

Top 20 Most Popular Games On PS5

GamesUnits SoldGenreFan Base
Gran Turismo 780.04 millionRacing110 million
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 274.32 millionSkateboarding107.3 million
F1 202171.7 millionRacing103.1 million
WRC 969.3 millionRacing101.7 million
FIFA 2264.5 millionFootball93.7 million
MLB The Show 2161.7 millionBaseball87.4 million
OlliOlli World60.2 millionSkateboarding85.9 million
Dirt 558.4 millionRacing77.6 million
WRC 1053.9 millionRacing73.8 million
Grid Legends51.3 millionRacing68.7 million
Riders Republic47.4millionCycling65.5million
NHL 2245.6 millionIce Hockey60.3 million
WWE 2K2243.7 millionWrestling53.9 million
MXGP 202040.1 millionRacing50.7 million
NBA 2K2237.3 millionBasketball46.5 million
Knockout City34.3 millionDodgeball43.9 million
FIFA 2131.8 millionFootball41.5 million
Madden NFL 2227.1 millionFootball38.3 million
NBA 2K2124.5 millionBasketball34.7 million
Madden NFL 2122.9 millionFootball33.1 million

That’s all about the details of the most popular sports games to be played on PS5. The new versions of FIFA, NFL and NBA decreased the popularity of the previous once. Still, they are available to be played on Play Station 5 and also among the famous games.

EA has generated a lot of wealth from FIFA Series. In the last economic year, EA pocketed a revenue of $16 Billion from the game. Now, the developer is looking to reach the $40 Billion mark with the new installment of FIFA 23. Moreover, the players characters are also added in the game with a lot more improvement in the realistic graphics.

If there is any change in the detail, we will update the information here. Stay tuned for more information!