PUBG Global Championship 2021 Prize Money

PUBG Global Championship Prize

One of the leading multiplayer online games, PUBG biggest event announced, according to news sources there will be 32 teams who will compete in the competition. The event, PUBG global championship will began it’s journey from the ranking system (19th November) and finals of the event completed (19th December). PUBG Global Championship 2021 prize money announced.

PUBG Global Championship 2021 Prize Money


Guaranteed Purse






3rd Place


4th Place


Impressive Team


Most Kill Bonus




Total Prize Money

$2 million

Still the Fortnite World Cup hold the most expensive e-sports tournament, the winners prize money more than overall tournament of (PUBG Global Championship), based on sponsorship they prize money for the event may hiked in 2022.

$2 million adjusted total prize money for PUBG global championship held in 2021

The purse status adjusted for each type such player with most kills and team with most kills earn $10k and impressive team also get paid from the fund.

  1. 1st Place : ($600k)
    After 15 days, we have our final winners of Pubg global championship 2021, based on raking system, the winning team will awarded with $600,000 purse.
  2. 2nd Place : ($290k)
    The 2nd place, team who finished as runner-up received their share of $290k.
  3. 3rd Place : ($150k)
    Third place team in the global championship of Pubg received the prize money of $150k
  4. 4th Place Team
    Fourth place team also get rewarded with bonus share of $120k.
  5. Other Awards : ($35k) “Player with most kills awarded $10k prize money and team with most impressive ratio received their share of $20k and further 5k awarded as of other.

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