Top 10 Richest E-Sport Players Under 18 Years of Age

15 years ago, video-games were still viewed as an ultimate waste of time. Media led parents to think that nothing good would ever come from gaming. Today, we live in a day and age where 14-year old kids become millioners for playing video-games on the highest competitive level. Here are ten richest esport players under 18.

Top 10 Highest Earning E-Sports Players Ever


Kyle Giersdotf, aka Bugha, came to fame after winning the 2019 Fornite World Cup. A huge event that also brought him fame of the same size. Bugha won a whopping prize of over 3 million USD for just this tournament. Kyle was only 16 when he won the World Cup, making him an underage multimillioner in one win. He has been active on YouTube since the event, and continues to create content for his favorite game – Fortnite. You can view his videos here.


Most underage gamer millioners come from the Fortnite scene, this is not the case for SumaiL. SumaiL has been winning DOTA 2 tournaments since he was only 15 years old. If there is something you need to know about this game, it is that it is highly competitive and there is big money involved. SumaiL won a total of almost 2.5 million USD before he hit 18 years of age, but this only makes a little over half of his total winnings, as SumaiL continues his e-sport journey even today. He is the number #1 ranked Pakistani pro-player in the world, and one of the best DOTA 2 players in history.

Aqua and Nyhrox

Aqua and Nyhrox came to fame in the same event that made Bugha the world’s richest pro-player under 18. The 2019 Fortnite World Cup was divided into Solos and Duos competitions. While Bugha won the Solo award, Aqua and his friend Nyhrox became the two victors of the other award. They split a 3 million USD prize in 2019, and they both continue their passion of pro-gaming.


Shane Cotton, aka EpikWhale is another Fortnite player who made a name for himself before he hit 18. He has won 1.2 million USD for placing 3rd in the 2019 Fortnite World Cup tournament, and has been winning titles since. Similar to Bugha, Aqua and Nyhrox, he was only 16 years old when he took part in the 2019 competition. He also placed 12th in the Duos bracket in the same tournament.


Jaden Ashman is ranked as the #1 highest earning Brit in e-sports. Much like most players on this list, his game of choice is Fortnite. He split the prize for 2nd place in 2019 World Cup Duos with Rojo. This one victory back when he was 15, placed him as top 6 richest teenager under 18 in e-sports.


Mitr0 is one of Netherlands’ best pro-players. Dmitri Van de Vrie has placed 6th in the Duos competition of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. Mitr0 has been winning big especially in the years 2018 and 2019 when he won multiple major Fortnite titles. Mitr0 quickly became one of among the richest esport players, before hitting 18 years of age.


Mongraal scored 6th place in the 2019 Fortnite World Cup (Duos) along side Mitr0, and has only recently become 18 years old. He has participated in over 70 Fortnite tournaments and won almost 700k USD before becoming an adult. Kyle Jackson, aka Mongraal is currently a part of world’s famous e-sport team – the FaZe Clan.


Similar to Mongraal, Chapix was only 14 when he scored his first big win. Chapix didn’t stop after his victor’s debut as this Swedish player took part in 92 tournaments throughout his professional career.


While ana’s earnings before hitting 18 years of age, aren’t as impressive as others on this list, he has 10x his total earnings throughout his career. With his prize money total currently standing comfortably at over 6 million USD. Anatham Pham is another DOTA 2 player on this list. He is the third highest earning e-sport player in the world, and his under 18 prize money won, only represents around 10% of his total career earnings. He plays for one of the world’s best DOTA 2 teams, OG. Ana is currently amongs the richest esport players of all time.

No.Player IDGameMoney (Under 18 YO)
1.BughaFortnite~3.2 mill. USD
2.SumaiLDOTA 2~2.4 mill. USD
3.AquaFortnite~1.9 mill. USD
4.NyphroxFortnite~1.5 mill. USD
5.EpikWhaleFortnite~1.4 mill. USD
6.WolfiezFortnite~1.4 mill. USD
7.Mitr0Fortnite~740k USD
8.MongraalFortnite~700k USD
9.ChapixFortnite~600k USD
10.anaDOTA 2~600k USD