Top 5 Women eSports Players With Highest Career Prize Money Winnings

5 Top Women Esports Players In The World Who Earned Big Prize Money In Esports

Did you know that there are women esports players that are performing insanely well than guys?

The tournaments, events, and the popularity of esports has proved to us that gaming is more than just a fun activity.

If a person is really serious, he can make a successful and viable career out of it.

The physical differences between men and women may cause discrimination in traditional sports.

But, you need a strategic and active mind in gaming to compete with others.

These esports women players have proved by winning big prize money that the gate of opportunities in the gaming industry is not limited to a specific gender.

While sticking to the topic, we have mentioned the names of top women esports players in the world who earned big prize money.

1 – Scarlet – Sasha Hostyn: #1 Women Esports Player

Scarlet - Sasha Hostyn

The first top women’s esports player who earns the highest prize money than any other woman is Scarlet.

Scarlet started her career in 2011 and stayed on top from the beginning. 

Earning around $340,000 is a generously big amount that scarlet managed to earn.

However, she had won two tournaments in a row in a single year and also the “Sponsor Me!” tournament in the next year.

Hostyn also won a luxury trip to Las Vegas. Although winning $24,000 in the 2012 North American Championship and $50,000 in PyeongChang were just additional numbers to his earnings.

Total earnings$340,000
2012 WCS Championship$24,000
DreamHack SC2 Masters$42,700
Acer TeamStory Cup$5,000

2 – Mystik: Katherine Gunn

Mystik: Katherine Gunn

Consistency is the key to success and Katherine Gunn has proved this by getting success in her third attempt.

She start appearing in the Dead or Alive 4 tournament where she finished in 2nd place and earned $15,000.

After that, she competed in the same tournament next year and finished in third place which earned her $7,000.

Get completely disappointed she never participated in any other competition until Bungie organizes the ‘thank you and farewell” title.

Katherine was lucky that she got the copy of Halo Reach before the several months of the official release.

However, her hard work and determination pays off as she won another competition for $100,000 in WCG Ultimate Gamer Season 2.

Total Earnings$122,000
CGS 2007 (DoA4)$15,000
CGS 2008$7,000

3 – Ricki Ortiz

Ricki Ortiz started her career as a female esports player in 2014. She’s more than a pro player in competitive fighting games.

The first competition in which she participated was EVO 2006 in which she earned $2,000 by playing Capcom Vs SNK 2.

We don’t know what pushed her so hard, but her determination and hard work have earned her $80,780 from sixty tournaments.

However, she also finished in second place and won $60,000. 

You will be surprised to know that her awesome performance grabbed the attention of Evil Genuises who sponsored her in 2010.

Total Earnings$82,854
Capcom Cup 2016$60,000
Street Fighter 25th Ann$2,500
Evo 2006$2,000

4 – zAAz – Zainab Turkie

Zainab Turkie is a hardcore veteran and an expert counter-strike player since 2002.

She started pursuing her gaming career when she was 14 years old and even joined a counter-strike club.

Right now she is playing for the Besiktas Esports team.

While appearing in 46 tournaments, zAAz has earned over $56,754. 

Previously, she had been involved with various organizations such as Alternate aTTaX and Fnatic, both of whom had stacked player pools.

Total earnings$56,754
DreamHack Showdown Valencia$10,000
VCT 2021: Game Changers EMEA Series 3$3,000

5 – Ant1ka – Anna Ananikova

The last top women’s esports player on our list is Anna Ananikova who is a professional CS: GO, player.

She has the experience of playing for several Esports teams like:

  • Team Secret
  • Lazarus
  • Counter Logic Gaming
  • Russian National Team

The total prize money she had earned till now is $40,958 by appearing in 15 tournaments.

Total Earnings$40,958
WESG 2017: Female$20,000
WESG 2018: Female$6,000
Intel Challenge Katowice$3,000

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