How Much Pay-gap in LPGA & PGA Tour Caddies? Who Earn more from Players prize money share?

PGA LPGA Caddies Salaries

A caddie job is not pretty much easy as they have to perform a lot of duties from carrying the golfers’ bags to attending the flagstick. However, they are not paid accordingly. Only a handful of these professionals able to pocket huge figures for a tournament. The salaries become more low when it comes to women tournaments. Besides the base salaries, they receive a particular share of golfers’ prize money share during an event. Here are the complete details about the difference in PGA and LPGA tour caddies money shares and how much salaries they are earning.

Difference In PGA & LPGA Tour Caddie Salaries

PGA Caddies

The caddies salaries are not very much high and they only make $1,000 to $2,000 for participating in a tournament. In this way, they manage to earn $15k to $25k from base salary on average. However, there are some exceptions like Ted Scott and Sam Pinfold as they are highest paid caddies and bagging the base salary of $135k and $120k annually.

Besides the base salary, there is also a particular share a caddie receives whenever a golfer enters in the tournament. For 1st positioner in PGA tour event, there is an additional caddie bonus which is 10% of his prize money share. While the 2nd positioner receives 8% and 3rd is receiving the 7% of his total payout in a tournament.

LPGA Caddies

LPGA caddies do not receive sky-high base salaries due to low prize money of female golf competitions. On average, they receive $700 to $1,200 per tournament as base salary which makes them bank $5k to maximum of $12k annually.

Moreover, they also have a particular share in the prize money payout of the golfers. A female finishing at 1st in an event receives additional bonus for caddie which is 7% of prize money share.

Base Salary$15k-$25k$5k-$12k
Winner’s Caddie Share10%7%
Annual Income$200k-$500k$50k-$100k

All these are the details about the difference in PGA and LPGA tour caddies salaries. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!