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Farmers Insurance Open Money


Farmers Insurance Open Prize Money | Each Golfers Payouts | Caddies Winning Share

Farmers Insurance Open Money

The next professional and major PGA tour confirmed, Farmers Insurance Open 2022 will began on 27 January ends on after the month. Torrey Pines Golf Course at San Diego, California, United States, confirmed for the golf tour. It’s a par 72 format tournament, which means each golfer participating needs to complete 75 strokes. Farmers Insurance Open prize money for 2022 reported.

StandingsGolfersPrize MoneyCaddies Share
Winner$1.5 million$150,000
4th$411,600 $28,812
5th $344,400 $24,108
6th $304,500 $15,225
7th $283,500 $14,175
8th $262,500 $13,125
9th $245,700 $10,500
10th $228,900 $8,800
11th $212,100 N/A
12th $195,300 N/A
13th $178,500 N/A
14th $161,700 N/A
15th $153,300 N/A
16th $144,900 N/A
17th $136,500 N/A
18th $128,100 N/A
19th $119,700 N/A
20th $111,300 N/A
21st $102,900 N/A
22nd $94,500 N/A
23rd $87,780 N/A
24th $81,060 N/A
25th $74,340 N/A
26th $67,620 N/A
27th $65,100 N/A
28th $62,580 N/A
29th $60,060 N/A
30th $57,540 N/A
31st $55,020 N/A
32nd$52,500 N/A
33rd$49,980 N/A
34th$47,880 N/A
35th $45,780 N/A
36th $43,680 N/A
37th $41,580 N/A
38th $39,900 N/A
39th $38,220 N/A
40th $36,540 N/A
41st $34,860 N/A
42nd $33,180 N/A
43rd $31,500 N/A
44th $29,820 N/A
45th $28,140 N/A
46th $26,460 N/A
47th $24,780 N/A
48th $23,436 N/A
49th $22,260 N/A
50th $21,588 N/A
51st $21,084 N/A
52nd $20,580 N/A
53rd $20,244 N/A
54th $19,908 N/A
55th $19,740 N/A
56th $19,572 N/A
57th $19,404 N/A
58th $19,236 N/A
59th $19,068 N/A
60th $18,900 N/A
61st $18,732 N/A
62nd $18,564 N/A
63rd $18,396 N/A
64th $18,228 N/A
65th $18,060 N/A

Winners Purse at Farmers Insurance Open | Purse money of the event constantly increased last year 7% increase in 2021, this year prize fund hike to 10%. It’s confirmed that winner of Farmers Insurance Open 2022 will make guaranteed purse of $1.5m and caddie of winning golfer receive share $150k.

Runner-ups Share at Farmers Insurance Open | It’s difficult to predict how many golfers can finished as runner-ups at Insurance Open 2022 this year. Last time there 5 golfers who stands at 2nd place alongside winner (Patrick Reed).

Currently no changes yet made more about Farmers Insurance Open prize money for 2022, if there will be changes to the golf event purse details provided later. It’s a major ranking PGA tour schedule.

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