Gainbridge LPGA AT Boca Rio Prize Money | How Much Each Golfer Earn | Caddies Share (Revealed)

Gainbridge LPGA Prize Money

LPGA tours confirmed, the first event Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions held last week won by Danielle Kang. The next tour on the list is (Gainbridge Championship). Gainbridge LPGA prize money reported after the schedule of LPGA tours announced.

StandingsGolfersPrize MoneyCaddies Share
T12$35,659 N/A
T13$33,418 N/A
T14$31,381 N/A
T15$29,546 N/A
T16$27,916 N/A
T17$26,491 N/A
T18$25,268 N/A
T19$24,249 N/A
T20$23,433 N/A
T21$22,619 N/A
T22$21,803 N/A
T23$20,989 N/A
T24$20,173 N/A
T25$19,461 N/A
T26$18,748 N/A
T27$18,033 N/A
T28$17,320 N/A
T29$16,608 N/A
T30$15,996 N/A
T31$15,385 N/A
T32$14,773 N/A
T33$14,162 N/A
T34$13,550 N/A
T35$13,042 N/A
T36$12,532 N/A
T37$12,023 N/A
T38$11,513 N/A
T39$11,003 N/A
T40$10,596 N/A
T41$10,189 N/A
T42$9,782 N/A
T43$9,373 N/A
T44$8,966 N/A
T45$8,660 N/A
T46$8,354 N/A
T47$8,049 N/A
T48$7,743 N/A
T49$7,437 N/A
T50$7,131 N/A
T51$6,929 N/A
T52$6,724 N/A
T53$6,520 N/A
T54$6,317 N/A
T55$6,113 N/A
T56$5,908 N/A
T57$5,706 N/A
T58$5,501 N/A
T59$5,299 N/A
T60$5,094 N/A
T61$4,993 N/A
T62$4,890 N/A
T63$4,789 N/A
T64$4,687 N/A
T65$4,584 N/A
T66$4,483 N/A
T67$4,382 N/A
T68$4,278 N/A
T69$4,177 N/A
T70$4,076 N/A

Winners Share at Gainbridge LPGA | It’s the third edition of Gainbridge Championship, the first edition held in 2020 and 2nd take place in 2021. Since two years time period no changes made to prize money of LPGA tour it remain same. The winner of Gainbridge Championship 3rd edition in 2022 will make maximum $300k.

Runner-up Purse at Gainbridge LPGA | The runner-up at LPGA tour Gainbridge Championship will make maximum $186k. Changes made to purse of golfers, if more than 2-3 finished at 2nd place in the tournament, all of them awarded with same purse.

Total Purse Payout at Gainbridge LPGA | $2 million is totally adjusted fund for the ladies golf tour at Boca Rio Golf Club, in Florida, United States. If there will be changes to current Gainbridge LPGA prize money details will be updated here later. Complete LPGA tours announced, you can check more details about them.

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