PGA Tours with Highest Prize Money | The Players Championship Leads the List With Purse Worth $20m

PGA calendar announced for 2022, it’s confirmed that players championship is the highest paying tournament for golfers, according to revealed data, there will be purse adjusted $20 million for the golf tour. PGA Tours highest prize money reported.

Highest Prize Money PGA

The Players Championship |The player’s championship is commonly known as the tournament players championship is an yearly golf tournament on the PGA Tour. The player’s championship currently offers the highest prize money PGA events in golf overtaking the BMW Championship which is over $9.5 million. The top 50 players in world ranking usually participated in this tournament. Players championship offered $20 million value prize fund.

TournamentPrize Money
The Players Championship$20 million
Winner$4.7 million
Runner-up$3.6 million
Caddy Share$470k

BMW Championship | The BMW Championship top pro PGA tours and well know for his previous name as the Western Open. The tournament is the longest-running regular PGA tour event on the calendar outside of the major four tournaments. The championship is open to the top 70 PGA tour golfers, out of 30 FEDax cup points leaders following the final playoff event.

TournamentPrize Money
BMW Championship$9.5 million
Winner$1.7 million
Runner-up$1 million
Caddy share$170k

The Northern Trust | The Northern Trust is a golf event on the PGA tour which will be rotated between New York City and the Boston area. The event is limited to the top 125 players on the point list for the regular season. Since the tournament began in 1967, the northern trust has generated $50 million for the new york area including a record of $1.8 million in 2018.

TournamentPrize money
The Northern trust$9.5 million
Winner$1.7 million
Runner-up$1 million
Caddy share$170k

Genesis Invitational | The Genesis Invitational is a pro golf tournament that will be known as Los Angeles. Tournament is annually played in California and is often a concluding event of the tour’s west coast swing early in the calendar year before the tournament moves to Florida. Prior to world war 2, the event led to an ambulant existence in southern California. It offered prize money worth of $9.3 million.

TournamentPrize Money
Genesis Invitational$9.3 million
Winner$1.6 million
Runner-up$1 million
Caddy share$160k

Memorial Tournament | Memorial Tournament is an international PGA tour golf tournament and is one of the only five tournaments given the invitational status by the PGA Tour. The tournament was consequently reduced to 120 players due to most field open tournaments. if we talk about the highest prize money PGA tours then it is on the third spot to have the highest prize money in all among tournaments.

TournamentPrize Money
Memorial Tournament$12 million
Winner$1.9 million
Runner-up$1.1 million
Caddy Share$190k

If there will be any changes to upcoming golf tours prize money it will, increase the limits of $10 million that will be adjusted in the above list during the season or after the season. BMW championship lost the highest prize money PGA tour tag. The golf calendar based on PGA tours 2022 and 2023 released.

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  1. why hasnt the total purses for the pga, masters and US open been announced? I have been reading in multiple articles the winners share of the TPC is 3.6 million. you have 4.7? what is correct.

    • Since, the prize money of golf tours increased, some tours purse will be released a month or week before the competition schedule Players Championship worth is $20m in prize fund, Masters, US Open prize fund may also increased so that might be the one reason that these events prize fund not released yet.

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