Magical Kenya Ladies Open Prize Money | Golfer’s Purses | How Much Champion Will Earn

Kenya Ladies Open Money

Kenya Open, famous for Magical Kenya Open due to sponsorship reasons. Played in Kenya on European PGA tour, the event features the world’s best female golf athletes. The Magical Kenya Ladies Open prize money details revealed as the event will also held in 2022. Dates and venue for the event are final. Muthaiga Gold Club in Nairobi is the host of the tournament. The total prize money announced for the event is $300,000 while the winners share and other golfers’ payouts are according to the salary chart of European PGA.

Winner’s Share | The winner receives the highest prize money share. In 2022, the champion will pocket the prize of $45,000 while the caddie share will be $4,500 (10%). Still there are many other benefits for the champion.

  • 24 Official World Golf Ranking points
  • Two-plus season exemption on the European Tour
  • 335 Race to Dubai points

Runner Up | After the winner, the 2nd most highest paid golfer is the runner up. Runner up will add $27,000 to his bank besides the caddie share of $2,160.

Magical Kenya Ladies Open 2022 Prize Money Breakdown

RankGolfersPrize ShareCaddie Share
1Esther Henseleit$45,000$4,500
2Marta Sanz Barrio$27,000$2,160
3Linnea Strom$18,000$1,260
4Sophie Hausmann$13,500$675
5Lee-Anne Pace$9,500N/A
6Jenny Haglund$9,500N/A
7Emma Grechi$9,500N/A
8Nobuhle Dlamini$7,050N/A
9Johanna Gustavsson$7,050N/A
10Michele Thomson$7,050N/A
11Luna Sobron Galmes$7,050N/A
12Elin Arvidsson$5,850N/A
13Manon De Roey$5,850N/A
14Smilla Tarning Soenderby$5,850N/A
15Becky Morgan$5,850N/A
16Marta Martin$4,950N/A
17Christine Wolf$4,950N/A
18Karoline Lund$4,950N/A
19Lina Boqvist$4,950N/A
20Charlotte Liautier$4,950N/A
21Olivia Cowan$4,170N/A
22Diksha Dagar$4,170N/A
23Rachael Goodall$4,170N/A
24Tiia Koivisto$4,170N/A
25Nuria Iturrioz$4,170N/A
26Laura Beveridge$3,350N/A
27Stacy Lee Bregman$3,350N/A
28Virginia Elena Carta$3,350N/A
29Lisa Pettersson$3,350N/A
30Elina Nummenpaa$3,350N/A
31Lucrezia Colombotto Rosso$3,350N/A
32Georgia Iziemgbe Oboh$2,646N/A
33Hannah Burke$2,646N/A
34Aline Krauter (a)$0N/A
35Carmen Alonso$2,646N/A
36Agathe Sauzon$2,646N/A
37Anne-Lise Caudal$2,646N/A
38Isabella Deilert$2,235N/A
39Sanna Nuutinen$2,235N/A
40Elia Folch$2,235N/A
41Julia Engstrom$2,235N/A
42Amandeep Drall$1,836N/A
43Paz Marfa Sans$1,836N/A
44Sophie Witt$1,836N/A
45Lily May Humphreys$1,836N/A
46Anne-Charlotte Mora$1,836N/A
47Mireia Prat$1,530N/A
48Heather Macrae$1,530N/A
49Amy Boulden$1,530N/A
50Georgina Blackman$1,530N/A
51Luisa Dittrich$1,320N/A
52Florentyna Parker$1,320N/A
53Casandra Alexander$1,320N/A
54Maiken Bing Paulsen$1,320N/A
55Hayley Davis$1,073N/A
56Linda Wessberg$1,073N/A
57Gudrun Bjorgvinsdottir$1,073N/A
58Cara Gainer$1,073N/A
59Helen Tamy Kreuzer$960N/A
60Emilia Tukiainen$915N/A
61Dulcie Sverdloff$915N/A
62Franziska Friedrich$870N/A

3rd & 4th Place | There are different prizes for these two players. The golfer at third place will bank $18,000 as his guaranteed purse while the caddie share is of worth $1,260. Moreover, 4th place holder will receive the share of $13,500 besides the caddie share of $675.

All these are the details of the prize money of 2022 edition of Magical Kenya Ladies Open. If there will be any changes, we will update the details here.

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  1. Just read Wajahat Tajamal article.
    Just to comment that before you post an article make sure that your fact are correct .
    This article has caused a lot of problems in Kenya from the local caddies as to their caddy bonus.
    First off the winner got 45000 euros not 166000 as stated.
    This is because you quoted the prize money for the upcoming men’s Magical Kenya Open.
    Regarding caddy fees, this is done by a signed contract between player and caddy not by the guesswork you have done.
    So next time you post make sure it’s fact not FICTION.

    • I’m replying to my own message.
      WOW. Funny how I pointed out his error and he’s now gone and updated to the correct amount as if nothing happened.
      But he’s still not correct. The caddies share is a signed contract between player and caddy not a fixed amount as he has posted.

        • Not true.10% is the figure always mentioned on TV by commentators so people take it as read. But it’s down to each individual player and caddy. Some caddy’s can get as low as 1%>
          Also did you notice that in the article he said it was played at Muthaiga golf club. Wrong it was Vipingo. The men’s tournament is at Muthaiga.

          • I think he might miss judged the events men and women’ but as far as i know there is share for caddies in golf alongside salary paid by the golfers

    • However a mistake can not change once it’s done, he needs to learn from this and to understand what data he is posting… Everyone do mistake he did but that does not change figures for some caddies payouts as they receive while offering their services to the top golfers in the world….

      As caddies at PGA Tour events, you make a standard hourly rate between $1,500 and $3,000. Your average annual pay is based on your earning capacities-$10 for a win, 10%, 8%, 7% and 5% for a top ten finish, 6% for every good finish, and 5% for everything else

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