Ras Al Khaimah Championship Prize Money 2022 | Each Golfers Payouts | How Much Winning Golfers Caddies Earn?

Ras Al Khaimah Money

The first edition of Ras Al Khaimah Championship golf tour announced. The European PGA tour schedule in the month of February 2022. Ras Al Khaimah Championship prize money reported for the 2022 edition. There will be distribution of $2 million among the golfers who will participate in the competition.

Winners Share at Ras Al Khaimah Championship | It’s confirmed that $333k will be provided to the winner of Ras Al Khaimah Championship first edition. The caddy of winning golfer make $33k from the event.

Runner-ups Share | Golfers who finished at 2nd place will receive share of $222k, which means the $555k share from the total prize money adjusted for the top 2 leaders in the tournament.

RankGolfersPursesCaddies Share
Winner$333,330 $33,000
Runner-ups $222,220 $25,500
Third $125,200 $20,000
Fourth $100,000 $15,000
5th $84,800 $12,000
6th $70,000 $10,000
7th $60,000 $8,500
8th $50,000 $6,500
9th $44,800 $5,000
10th $40,000 $5,000
11th$36,800 N/A
12th $34,400 N/A
14th $32,200 N/A
15th $30,600 N/A
16th $29,400 N/A
17th $28,200 N/A
18th $27,000 N/A
19th $25,800 N/A
20th $24,800 N/A
21st $24,000 N/A
22nd $23,200 N/A
23rd$22,600 N/A
24th $22,000 N/A
25th $21,400 N/A
26th$20,800 N/A
27th $20,200 N/A
28th $19,600 N/A
29th $19,000 N/A
30th $18,400 N/A
31st $17,800 N/A
32nd $17,200 N/A
33rd $16,600 N/A
34th $16,000 N/A
35th$15,400 N/A
36th $15,000 N/A
37th $14,600 N/A
38th $14,200 N/A
39th $13,800 N/A
40th $13,400 N/A
41st $13,000 N/A
42nd $12,600 N/A
43rd $11,800 N/A
44th $11,400 N/A
45th $11,000 N/A
46th $10,600 N/A
47th $10,200 N/A
48th $9,800 N/A
49th $9,400 N/A
50th $9,000 N/A
51st $8,600 N/A
52nd $8,200 N/A
53rd $7,800 N/A
54th $7,400 N/A
55th $7,000 N/A
56th $6,600 N/A
57th $6,200 N/A
58th $6,000 N/A
59th $5,800 N/A
60th $5,600 N/A
61st $5,400 N/A
62nd $5,200 N/A
63rd $5,000 N/A
64th $4,800 N/A
65th $4,600 N/A

Total Purse $2m | First edition total purse reported $2 million the golfer who ends at 65th ranked in the event will receive share $4.6k in the competition. Third place finishing golfer earned share of $125k and 4th place golfer receive share $100k.

Currently no changes made to the Ras Al Khaimah Championship prize money, held this year in United Arab Emirates. If there will be due to covid-19 details provided here later. The previous Dubai Desert Classic European PGA tour ended without any covid-19 restrictions.

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