Ras Al Khaimah Classic Prize Money | How Much Winner Will Earn

Al Khaimah Classic Prize

Saudi-Arabia will host the 5th event of 2022 European Tour schedule. All matches will be in Al Hamra Golf Club in Ras al Khaimah. Dates and venue for the grand event decided. Ras Al Khaimah classic prize money revealed. There is an increment in the prizes as compared to the previous seasons. However, the prize distribution chart is same as for the European Tour purses. $2 Million is the total prize money of the event.

Winner’s Share | Winner will receive the maximum payout than any other player and also will earn the highest caddie share of 10%. Winner will pocket $333,000 as his prize with an additional $33,000. Besides money, there are many other benefits also available for the champion player.

  • 24 Official World Golf Ranking points
  • Two-plus season exemption on the European Tour
  • 460 Race to Dubai points

Runner Up | The other finalist will pocket $222,220 as his guaranteed prize money while in terms of caddie share, he will earn $18,000. So $555,000 is the share of the finalist from the total prize money of worth $2 Million.

Ras Al Khaimah Classic 2022 Prize Money Breakdown

RankGolfersPursesCaddies Share
Winner$333,330 $33,000
Runner-ups $222,220 $25,500
Third $125,200 $20,000
Fourth $100,000 $15,000
5th $84,800 $12,000
6th $70,000 $10,000
7th $60,000 $8,500
8th $50,000 $6,500
9th $44,800 $5,000
10th $40,000 $5,000
11th$36,800 N/A
12th $34,400 N/A
14th $32,200 N/A
15th $30,600 N/A
16th $29,400 N/A
17th $28,200 N/A
18th $27,000 N/A
19th $25,800 N/A
20th $24,800 N/A
21st $24,000 N/A
22nd $23,200 N/A
23rd$22,600 N/A
24th $22,000 N/A
25th $21,400 N/A
26th$20,800 N/A
27th $20,200 N/A
28th $19,600 N/A
29th $19,000 N/A
30th $18,400 N/A
31st $17,800 N/A
32nd $17,200 N/A
33rd $16,600 N/A
34th $16,000 N/A
35th$15,400 N/A
36th $15,000 N/A
37th $14,600 N/A
38th $14,200 N/A
39th $13,800 N/A
40th $13,400 N/A
41st $13,000 N/A
42nd $12,600 N/A
43rd $11,800 N/A
44th $11,400 N/A
45th $11,000 N/A
46th $10,600 N/A
47th $10,200 N/A
48th $9,800 N/A
49th $9,400 N/A
50th $9,000 N/A
51st $8,600 N/A
52nd $8,200 N/A
53rd $7,800 N/A
54th $7,400 N/A
55th $7,000 N/A
56th $6,600 N/A
57th $6,200 N/A
58th $6,000 N/A
59th $5,800 N/A
60th $5,600 N/A
61st $5,400 N/A
62nd $5,200 N/A
63rd $5,000 N/A
64th $4,800 N/A
65th $4,600 N/A

3rd & 4th Place | The players at 3rd and 4th position will receive $125,200 and $100,000 as their guaranteed prize share. Moreover, they will also receive some world golf ranking points and Race to Dubai points.

All these the prize money details of the 2022 edition of Ras Al Khaimah Classic. There are no changes so far. However if there will be any change in the prize money, we will update the details here.

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