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American Express Prize Money


The American Express Prize Money | Each Golfers Payouts | Caddies Share | Purse Fund Rise To $7.6m

American Express Prize Money

The Desert Classic, a well know PGA tour schedule for the week. Due to it’s sponsorship, it’s well known as (American Express) pga tour. It’s established in 1960. La Quinta Country Club, is selected for the tour, held in California, United States. In 2020 and 2021, the event held behind close doors and limited audiences no impacts on the event purses. However, this year, The American Express prize money increased 10% which rise overall adjusted fund to $7.6m.

StandingsGolfersPurse MoneyCaddies Share
Winner$1.36 million$136,000
3rd $524,400 $36,708
4th $372,400 $26,600
5th $311,600 $15,580
6th $275,500 $13,750
7th $256,500 $11,500
8th $237,500 $9,250
9th $222,300 $7,500
10th $207,100 $5,850
11th $191,900 N/A
12th $176,700 N/A
13th $161,500 N/A
14th $146,300 N/A
15th $138,700 N/A
16th $131,100 N/A
17th $123,500 N/A
18th $115,900 N/A
19th $108,300 N/A
20th $100,700 N/A
21st $93,100 N/A
22nd $85,500 N/A
23rd $79,420 N/A
24th $73,340 N/A
25th $67,260 N/A
26th $61,180 N/A
27th $58,900 N/A
28th $56,620 N/A
29th $54,340 N/A
30th $52,060 N/A
31st $49,780 N/A
32nd $47,500 N/A
33rd $45,220 N/A
34th $43,320 N/A
35th $41,420 N/A
36th $39,520 N/A
37th $37,620 N/A
38th $36,100 N/A
39th $34,580 N/A
40th $33,060 N/A
41st $31,540 N/A
42nd $30,020 N/A
43rd $28,500 N/A
44th $26,980 N/A
45th $25,460 N/A
46th $23,940 N/A
47th $22,420 N/A
48th $21,204 N/A
49th $20,140 N/A
50th $19,532 N/A
51st $19,076 N/A
52nd $18,620 N/A
53rd $18,316 N/A
54th $18,012 N/A
55th $17,860 N/A
56th $17,708 N/A
57th $17,556 N/A
58th $17,404 N/A
59th $17,252 N/A
60th$17,100 N/A
61st $16,948 N/A
62nd $16,796 N/A
63rd $16,644 N/A
64th $16,492 N/A
65th $16,340 N/A
66th $16,188 N/A
67th $16,036 N/A
68th $15,884 N/A
69th $15,732 N/A
70th $15,580 N/A

Total Prize Money $7.6 Million | things have been change in the PGA tours, the prize money decreased for multiple events last year the reason tours held behind close doors. It looks like things getting normal in the year 2022, there is almost 10% hike in the purse fund of The American Express.

Winners Share at American Express 2022 | who ever win’s the American express 2022, pga tour will pocket $1.38 million purse. Winning golfer caddie receive 10% share money from the prize money which will bring ($138,500) to his accnount.

Runner-ups Share at The American Express 2022 | The runner-up at American Express 2022 PGA tour will make $828k.

If there will be changes to current The American Express prize money for 2022 season updated here, covid-19 is big concern for the re-schedule of PGA tours or cancellations.

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