PGA Tour Live Stream | How To Watch Every Event Online From Anywhere

The biggest entertainment of the Golf World, PGA Tour is on its way as the FedEx Cup Series is inline. The tours are taking place in different parts of the world. Live coverage of the events across the globe is still a question mark. Here we will provide you the complete details to watch the live stream of the PGA Tour while sitting in any area of the planet.

PGA Tour Live Stream

How To Live Stream PGA Tour Online Through Official Sources

Official broadcasters of the tournament make the live coverage in restricted areas only. If you are trying to watch the events from the area not listed in the broadcasting contract, you will not be able to catch an eye of the tournament. The officials check the IP address and locate your area. That’s why, it is not easy to have access of the telecast from a remote area. So if to watch the events from official sources, you should take side ways.

Stream Through Local TV | Some official broadcasters sell a share of TV coverage rights to local broadcasters. In this way, you could manage watching the live stream of events from your local TV channels.

Use VPN | VPNs allow you to watch the live stream of almost every event of each sport. Just you need to install the app and get ready for streaming. This is the most convenient way of watching the PGA tour.

How VPNs Work?

VPN are the apps used to mask your IP or change the IP. Thus, you can easily change your location on the web and get access to the live streaming. In this way, you can have an access to the live telecast of the tournament while sitting in the banned areas.

Best VPN | There are a number of VPNs available on the web. However, the one having super fast servers are the best. For that, Express VPN is the number one choice as they have servers in 160 countries and stream faster than any other app. Just you have to follow some simple steps and can watch any tournament including PGA tour live online.

ExpressVPN free stream

Express VPN

Create an account or download the app
Connect the server via app
Watch the live stream

Broadcasters Of PGA Tour Worldwide

CountriesTV Channels
United StatesNBC, CBS, ESPN+
Latin AmericaNBC, ESPN
United KingdomSky Sports, BBC Sports
New ZealandSky NZ
NetherlandZiggo Sports
GermanySky Deutschland
ItalySky Italia

PGA Tour Stream Through CBS

  • Price | $6/month
  • Online Stream | Web & App
  • Coverage Details | CBS holds the official TV coverage rights for streaming the event in United States. You just need to have a membership of the channel and can get the access to the live streaming. The membership costs around $6 monthly and you can cancel it at anytime.

Watch PGA Tour Via Sky Sports

  • Price | £30/month
  • Online Stream | Web & App
  • Coverage Details | Sky Sports will make the live stream of PGA tour across England and the nearby areas such as Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. The membership will cost around £30 for a month and you can easily cancel it at anytime. Moreover, you have a flexibility to access the live stream through the app.


  • Price | $10/month
  • Online Stream | Via Portal
  • Coverage Details | NBC holds the TV broadcasting rights for the PGA tour in Latin America. Fans can get the live streaming access through the NBC online portal. Just buy the membership costing $10/month.

Streaming PGA Live Online On Sky NZ

  • Price | $26
  • Online Stream | Online Portal & App
  • Coverage Details | After buying the membership, just you need to access the internet and have a fun with live stream in New Zealand. The cost of membership is $26.

That’s all about the live stream details of PGA Tour across the globe. You can use VPN as well to get the access to the streaming channels.

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