Watch Rugby League World Cup 2022 Live Stream Online Free

Rugby League World Cup Also known as RLWC 2022 edition will get underway on 15th October 2022 in England. We guide you through how you can watch every RLWC 2022 match live online via official sources for absolutely free. RLWC is suppose to be the biggest Rugby League tournament in history where men’s tournament, women tournament and the wheelchair event is taking place at the same time. So how you can watch every game live online free ?

Watching RLWC 2022 live streaming online via BBC from anywhere in the world

How To Watch Every RLWC 2022 Match Live Stream Online ?

BBC has the exclusive rights to Rugby League World Cup 2022 in England. BBC will produce live coverage of every single RLWC 2022 match both via their traditional tv channels and through their online streaming platform called “BBC iplayer”. However BBC iplayer streams are geo-blocked and only available to UK residents which means people from outside the UK can not access BBC iplayer streams without unlocked the content.

But with our simple yet 100% effective guide you can unlock BBC iplayer from anywhere in the world and watch the 2022 Rugby League World Cup live online. So get it unlocked for you!

Unlocking BBC iPlayer Streams For Rugby League World Cup 2022:

If you try to access BBC iplayer from outside the UK, you will get an error “content is not available outside the United Kingdom”. To get rid of this message all you need is to change your IP address to the UK. Which can be achieved with the help of VPN. Virtual Private Network also known as VPN allow you to change your IP address to any other country. It cost around $3 to $5 a month to get VPN and there are plenty of top quality VPN providers.

How Does VPN Work ?

So lets say you are in Spain on Holiday and don’t have access to RLWC 2022 coverage. But you still want to watch the tournament. What you want to do is follow the steps below.

  • Get an VPN account (we recommended ExpressVPN or NordVPN)
  • Download and Install VPN app on the device you want to watch the world cup (PC/Laptop or Mobile)
  • Connect to UK ip address inside the VPN app.
  • Once connected to UK IP address, visit bbc iplayer website in your browser or download BBC iplayer mobile app.
  • Now you have unlocked the BBC iplayer content. Signup on the iPlayer website and click on RLWC live stream. You will get a message about UK tv license, just close it and ignore it and your streams will start working.

You can use these steps basically from anywhere in the world. Main ingredients are VPN account, changing IP address to UK.

Registration & Ignoring TV License Message At BBC iPlayer:

Now you know how to unlock BBC iplayer website or mobile app from anywhere in the world. However once you at the website you will need to register an free account.

You will need to sign-up/Register at the BBC iplayer website. The sign-up is free and will need details like name, email, uk address (put any uk address).

After creating the account, sign-up to your account and click on “bbc iplayer” button in the top menu. Once on BBC iplayer page, click on the channel you want to watch. In our case it will be either BBC one or BBC two.

Click on stream BBC one/Two channel. It will ask you about you have UK TV license by giving you choice “I have UK TV License” and “I dont have uk TV license” you just simply click on “I have Uk TV license”. Stream will open and look like this.

this is 100% working example of how it will look like once you have registered, signed in and streaming the BBC one channel on BBC iplayer website.

FAQs regarding Rugby League World Cup 2022 Live Online Coverage:

How to unlock BBC iplayer to watch Rugby League World Cup 2022

If you are outside the UK, all you need to do is change you IP address to United Kingdom to stream BBC iplayer coverage of RLWC 2022.

Do BBC has rights to show all RLWC 2022 matches ?

Yes, BBC will broadcast every single match of Rugby League World Cup

Can I watch RLWC 2022 coverage from official source for free ?

Yes. We have produced the 100% working guide on how you can watch Rugby League World Cup from anywhere in the world via official source (BBC).