Athletes Who Fight Wars | How Much It Impact on Their Sports Careers?

Athletes Who Fight Wars

Becoming a military man is a dream of so many people. But, not everyone can be able to be the part pf his country’s forces as it required a lot of determination. In the history, whenever a country faced difficult circumstances or get into the state of clash, normal people also picked the guns to fight for their country and sports athletes are no exception. There are many incidences in past when a sports person preferred his country’s protection over his career. Here are the complete details about the top 10 most popular athletes who fight wars for their countries after putting aside their professional career.

1 – Ted Williams: MLB

The former American baseball player appeared in MLB in 19 seasons and remained the part of Boston Red Sox during his entire career. However, his career has two eras. Ted Williams joined the club in 1939 and just after 3 years, he paused his career to fight in World War 2 and Korean War. He was Naval Aviator in both battles from American Army.

2 – Pat Tillman: NFL

Pat Tillman started his professional career in National Football League in 1998 as he was picked by Arizona Cardinals. He played 4 seasons with the franchise and performed magnificently. Pat was about to sign an expensive contract deal with Cardinals but left his sports to enlist in US army in 2002. He served as a corporal and fought Iraq war and Afghanistan 1 war. In 2004, he shot dead during friendly fire.

3 – Joe DiMaggio: MLB

Famous for the nickname of The Yankees Clipper, Joe DiMaggio played all 13 seasons of his professional baseball career with renowned MLB franchise New York Yankees. He was one of the greatest players of all times as he holds the record of longest hitting streak. During his professional career, Dimaggio enlisted by US army to fight in World War 2 and he preferred military service over the sports. He rose to the rank of sergeant.

4 – Jackie Robinson: MLB

Another big name from MLB also appeared in world war 2. Jackie Robinson played baseball as second baseman and remained the part of Brooklyn Dodgers. However, before entering in the baseball field, Jackie served as second lieutenant in United States army and also fought the world war 2. He got injured in it and later on, he was charged with multiple acquisitions which ended his military career.

5 – Willie Mays: MLB

The former legendary baseball player Willie Mays also sacrificed his professional career for serving his country as a military man. He was picked by San Francisco Giants as a center-fielder in 1951 and spend one and half season with them. In 1952, he was commissioned in US army to fight in Korean war. However in 1954, he made a comeback to the field after getting signed by Giants again.

6 – Nolan Ryan: MLB

During his long tenure of 27 years in Major League Baseball, Nolan Ryan remained the part of multiple teams including the likes of New York Mets, Texas Rangers and California Angels. He performed as baseball pitcher and widely regarded as one of the best of all times. Ryan was firstly drafted by Mets in 1966. However, he couldn’t play for them immediately as he was picked by US army to get into the fights and war. In 1968, he cameback to field and plated from Mets.

7 – John Wooden: Basketball

Having won 10 NCAA National Championships during his 12 years career, John Wooden is one of the best professional basketball player of history who also performed as a coach for junior teams. However, he was best famous for his services in the United States Army. He was a lieutenant and appeared in World War 2. John remained the part of US army between the years 1942 to 1946.

8 – Yogi Berra: MLB

Yogi Berra was an American professional baseball catcher who remained the part of New York Yankees for 18 seasons before transferring to Mets in 1965. Post retirement, he performed as a coach and manager for Yankees and Mets. However during his playimg career, Yogi took a break to participate in World War 2. He served as a gunner mate in United States Navy during this battle and after the war, resumed his career.

9 – David Robinson: NBA

Having selected by San Antonio Spurs in National Basketball Association draft in 1989, David Robinson sticked to them till 2003. He played at the position of center and performed exceptionally well throughout his career. All this came from his Naval Academy career where he was one of best basketball player. Robinson was commissioned as lieutenant in US army and fought Iraq and Afghanistan war with them.

10 – Roger Staubach: NFL

Nicknamed Roger The Dodger, the former American Football professional appeared in 11 season in National Football League, playing for Dallas Cowboys. Roger Staubach was one of the best quarterback of his times and set multiple records during his NFL career. He got his early education from Naval Academy and thus has served in Vietnam during war days before entering the biggest American Football league.

All these are the details about the top 10 most popular athletes who fight wars. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!