Top 10 Most Popular Athletes Who Fight With Fans

Although sports personalities exhibit a brilliant showcase of sportsman spirit and they act as the role model for the fans. But there are some incidences in the matches where the players lose their temper and fight with the fans. Here are the complete details about the top 10 most popular athletes who fight with the fans live in the stadium.

Athletes Fight With Fans

Top 10 Most Popular Athletes Who Fight With Fans

1 – Tony Phillips

Phillips have led a successful career in MLB where he played for 18 years. He is one of the best outfielder in baseball history with the ability to play as infielder as well. In 1996, he was playing for Chicago White Sox as an outfielder against Milwaukee Brewers. During the match, he was continuously teased by the opponent team’s fan. Phillips ignored him in the beginning but when the fan started giving disgusting slurs, he lost his temper and punched the fan. The event get highlighted all across the globe and considered as one of the worst display from the fans.

2 – Albert Belle

Another baseball player is in the list as he couldn’t manage his rage after being bullied by a fan. Belle was playing for Cleveland Indians when he continuously faced bullying from a fan. He couldn’t tolerate that and picked the ball. Instead of exhibiting sportsman spirit, Belle has thrown the ball towards the fan with immense strength, hitting his chest. That was one of the worst incident of his controversial career with Cleveland Indians.

3 – Kellen Huston

Having played at safety position in American Football League and NFL, Kellen also faced a fan fighting incident during his career. He was playing for Nebraska in a match against Missouri in 2003. His team faced a defeat and the fans have started trolling Nebraska team. Huston, surprisingly went on hitting the fan andresultantly faced a ban.

4 – Shaun Ellis

Elllis lost his temper after facing a loss against Seattle. He was playing as a defender for New York Jets in National Football League when a most contentious event of his career occurred in 2004. After the game is over, he threw the gigantic snowballs towards the fans in his rage. Later on, he called the incident just as the fun. However, Ellis has to pay the fine of $10,000. Moreover, he also faced legal proceedings.

5 – Reggie Smith

Reggie is also a former professional American football player and has played for many teams in Major League Baseball. In 1981, he was playing a match when a fan named Michael Dooley threw a helmet towards him. Smith lost his temper and punched Dooley severely. His team mates and other fans separate both and Smith was taken out of the pitch while Dooley was sent to jail.

6 – Rob Ray

Another vexed incident incident in the sports history belongs to ice hockey. Rob Ray, former professional Ice Hockey player from Canada is playing for Buffalo Sabres as a right winger in a match against Quebec Nordiques. The incident happened in 1992 when Rob lost the sportsman spirit after betting bullied from the fans. Thus, he went on hitting the fans and one of the worst display of athletes fight with fans happened.

7 – Frank Francisco

Francisco incident was one of the worst incident of MLB history. He was continuously facing racial slurs and other taunts from the fans while playing for Texas Rangers in 2004. In extreme anger, he picked up a chair and fired it towards the fan. Unfortunately, the chair couldn’t hit the target and the nearby lady got injured. Consequently, Frank faced a 16 games ban for the incidence.

8 – Lincoln Kennedy

Kennedy also faced a disputed incident in his career while playing for Oakland Raiders in 1999. The former American Football players punched a fan after getting hit in the face by a snowball. He had charges filed against Robert Lynn and the legal proceedings have fined Lynn. Kennedy was given clean chit as the fight was prompted by the fan.

9 – Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart is one of the greatest basketball athlete having played in National Basketball Association for a much long time. But he also get a ban for a fight with the fan during the live match. He was playing for Oklahoma State in a match against Red Raiders where he faced taunts and slurs. Thus he punched the fan and got the suspension of 3 matches.

10 – Vernon Maxwell

Another NBA player is the part of the list of athletes who fight with fans. Maxwell is an important name of basketball world, having played for a long time in NBA. Although, he spent a blistering career. However, also faced a controvertible incident when he punched a fan while playing for Houston Rockets in 1995.

All these are the details about the sports athletes who fight with fans in the stadiums. Further updates will be available here. Stay tuned for more information!