Top 5 athletes with career ending injuries

Athletes With Career Ending Injuries

Sports are the best source of enjoyment and recreation. However, there may be some tragic moments in them as well. Here is a list of the top 5 athletes with career-ending injuries.

Sports create heroes overnight. A single good performance can bring great fame. But a single injury may end up the career.

Athletes With Career Ending Injuries

Here is a list of the top 5 famous athletes with career-ending injuries in sports. These players became famous for a very brief period.

Philip Hughes

The most shaking incident in the world of sports is the injury of this talented Australian batsman. Having a record of his name, the youngest test centurion, he has something special in his batting.

While playing in a domestic test match, a ball hits on the side of his head. It not only put a tragic end to his career but also he lost his life.

That is the worst accident that has been ever spotted on the field.

David Busst

The English footballer started his career in 1993 in an FA Cup match against Norwich City. After getting early success, he was playing in English Premier League.

In 1996, while playing for Coventry City in a match against Manchester United, he tried defending a corner. He struck with Brian McClair and Denis Irwin.

The impact was so harsh that the screaming of Busst captured the players’ attention towards a horrific injury.

Both the leg bones (Tibia & Fibula) got a compound fracture. He was admitted to the hospital where 26 operations were done.

Although he recovered, he couldn’t enter the court after this injury. His career ended right after the 3 years of his debut.

Craig Kieswetter

After playing an excellent knock of 63 runs of 49 balls against Australia in the 2010 T20 World Cup Final, he became an essential part of the English squad.

The English wicket-keeper was playing a country match in 2014 when he tried to cut a short-pitched delivery but failed and the ball hit on his helmet.

Breaking the grill, the ball damaged his eyes and after the surgery, he wouldn’t be able to play cricket as before.

This incident put a dot on the career of 27 years hugely talented batsman.

Rhun Williams

Cardiff Blues’ Rhun Williams faced a forced end to his rugby career, after getting a neck injury while saving a tackle.

He went through a long rehabilitation period but failed. At last, he has to put an end to his career at the mere age of 22 Years in 2020.

He joined Cardiff Blues in 2016 and got the dream success at the early stage of his career but the injury made him leave the ground.

Luc Nilis

One of the most talented football players who has earned a great name from the very beginning of his professional career also faced the premature death of his sphere in the football field.

After making a deadly partnership with Ruud van Nistelrooy to score 103 goals in a single season, this youngster became the hottest on the market.

Soon after, he signed a contract with Aston Villa in 2000. After a few days, in a match against Ipswich, a collision happened between Nilis and the Ipswich goalkeeper resulting in a terrible injury.

The right leg of the Belgian shattered into 2 parts. After so many surgeries and treatment, he recovered but he wouldn’t be able to enter the ground. So, there is also an unlucky career-ending of this player.

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