Best MLB Streaming Services for 2023

You only get two options if you want to stream sports, either empty your wallet to fill up the vaults of paid streaming services or turn towards free streaming sites. Both come with disadvantages, but at least with the latter option you will have rent by the end of the month and won’t have to move in to your parents’ garage.

With the MLB games happening these days, it is of pivotal importance that we find a streaming platform that best suits your needs. If you have the money then you have no problem, the entire world is available for the taking. However, if you are a person like us who lives paycheck to paycheck, giving such a hefty price just to indulge in a few blissful hours of sports will be difficult for you. Let’s take a look at the streaming platforms, both paid and free, that stream MLB games.

1. Hulu


Hulu is a cutting-edge streaming platform that caters to your sports and other entertainment needs. The platform airs live MLB games in HD and Ultra HD, moreover on-demand content is also available to stream in 1080p. Hulu houses all the major sports channels including MLB Network, CBS Sports, NFL Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, NBA TV, and many more.

The major downside to all these glistening benefits is the hefty price. The streaming platform offers two subscription packages, Hulu Basis + Live TV and Hulu + Live TV, costing $69.99 and $82.99 respectively. The major difference between the two is that Hulu Basic comes with ads. Now if we are paying $69.99 for something, we want it to be served on a silver platter, not come with infuriating commercial breaks. 

2. YouTube TV

We are all familiar with the services of YouTube in the entertainment industry. Recently the streaming platform added another service to its list, YouTube TV. YouTube TV is a top-notch streaming service, housing more than 100 channels. With YouTube TV you can either watch the TV live or record your favorite sports events and watch them later. All the content available on the streaming platform can be streamed in HD and Ultra HD. For those who wish to subscribe, the platform offers three subscription packages starting from $72.99. Even our wallet is screaming in agony. 

3. FuboTV


Another streaming platform with a gaping maw, and a black hole for a stomach, FuboTV is without a doubt the best streaming platform out there, if only it wasn’t so expensive. The streaming platform streams live MLB games in high video quality and is ad-free. FuboTV offers its elite customers 3 subscription packages to choose from with prices ranging from $74.99 to $94.99. 

4. Sportsurge


Another site that we love, and our wallet appreciates is Sportsurge. The site began its humble beginnings as a mere NFL streaming service. However, due to its top-notch performance, the streaming site garnered the love and support of countless people around the world and is now an unparalleled streaming giant. The site houses links to all MLB games that can be streamed in HD. Another, noteworthy quality of the site is that it isn’t plagued by ads and pop-ups. The only downside is that the links can be taken down anytime and it is not a legal site.