Best Sports Free Streaming Websites & Apps In 2023

Sports fanatics are always looking for ways to stream their favorite games for free. When it comes to sports streaming you will find countless options on the web. Some require paid subscriptions while some are cost-free. It is in human nature to go towards cheaper or free options plus most of us don’t have the money or will to spend it on pointless things. But sports are not pointless and even though it might hurt a little, people do end up spending hundreds on spots streaming platforms.

However, we are here to help save your money. We have compiled a list of all the free streaming platforms, so go through the article and take your pick.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

  • Reddit
  • Facebook Watch
  • Sony Liv
  • Stream2Watch
  • Laola1
  • zyneTV
  • Batmanstream
  • ESPN
  • Sportsurge

1.     Reddit


  • Sports news
  • Live streams
  • Social sharing

Brief overview

If you are a sports fanatic, then you might probably know about Reddit’s sports streaming services. It is one of the best places to find sports streams. Users can find unofficial streams in the subreddits dedicated to various sports and watch them for free. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the validity of the steaming links as the Reddit sports community is quite active in giving upvotes and downvotes to these links. Even though most of the unofficial streams are getting blocked due to copyright claims, there are countless others that you can enjoy.

Active community.Some links might be harmful.
Hosts large number of live sports streams for free.Plagued by toxic individuals.

2.     Facebook Watch


  • Live shows
  • Social sharing and commenting
  • Users can watch highlights
  • Users can easily search for videos

Brief Overview

Facebook Watch is a streaming service that is provided by Facebook and users can access it through the main website or the mobile app. The streaming platform was launched in 2017 and was able to obtain official streams for sports like cricket, surfing, basketball, soccer, and numerous others. If you wish to stream your favorite sports on Facebook all you have to do is visit Facebook Live and type the sport you want to stream in the search bar. Facebook will generate a list of streams and you can pick the one you want. The only downside to this free streaming platform is the abundance of ads and they dull the entire streaming experience.

Free streaming platform.Is Plagued by ads.
Houses streams for numerous sports. Limited features.

3.     Sony Liv


  • Live sports
  • Has access to premium sports

Brief Overview

Sony Liv is an Indian sports streaming site that offers free live sports streams. The streaming platform has access to premium sports like WWE, cricket, soccer, NBA, NFL, MMA, PGA, and numerous others. Unfortunately, the streaming service is India-exclusive but if you wish to access it you can use a VPN. Another downside to Sony Liv is that the free version doesn’t have a lot of content and if you wish to access its entire content library you have to opt for a subscription plan.

Allows users to stream their favorite sports free of cost. Has limited free content.
Streams premium sports like WWE, NBA etc.Is India exclusive. 

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4.     Stream2Watch


  • Streams international sports
  • Live sports
  • Offers on-demand sports streaming
  • Has backup streams for all sporting events

Brief Overview

Stream2Watch is among the most popular sports streaming sites. The platform houses links to hundreds of sporting channels from around the globe. The streams offered by the platform are not only free but can also be watched in high quality. Viewers don’t have to create an account to access its services and can easily navigate the site to gain access to any content they want.

Viewers can stream their favorite sports in high video quality.  Some links might be harmful. 
Free platform with links to numerous channels. 

5.     USTVGO


  • Over 80+ live channels
  • User-friendly interface
  • Live channels for various sports categories

Brief Overview

USTVGO is a free online sports streaming service that offers live channels from countries all over the globe. The streaming service houses a large collection of English language channels as well as channels in other languages. Plus, the steaming service is also legal and safe to use. The interface of USTVGO is easy to use and navigate. The streaming service is unfortunately only available in the US and if you want to access it outside the US you will have to use a VPN.

User friendly interface.  Unreliable streams. 
Offers more than 80 channels.  Only available in the US.

6.     Laola1


  • Offers more than 15 sports streaming sites
  • Offer streams to multiple sports like hockey, baseball, handball, etc

Brief Overview

Laola1 is an international free sports streaming site and is one of the most famous streaming sites in the world. The site houses links to countless sporting events and programs. Laola1 has a basic version that is free and a premium version that costs about €4.99 per month. The premium version offers a lot of perks like ad-free content, HD streaming, and playback options.

Legal and free.  The free version doesn’t have many features and perks.   
Has links to many sorting events.    

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7.     zyneTV


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Free version

Brief overview

zyneTV is a free live-streaming site and has a global traffic rank of #632,980. The platform houses channels from the US and many other countries however, it only offers a limited number of free channels. The free version offers only four sports channels and if you want to access private channels you will have to get a subscription that cost $3.99 per month.

Free sports streaming platform.   Free version has only 4 sports channels.    
Has a vast collection of channels.     

8.     Batmanstream


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Active links
  • Live chatting feature

Brief overview

Batmanstream is a freemium sports-focused online service. Batmanstream allows users to watch cricket, soccer, basketball, tennis, handball, baseball, motorsports, rugby, volleyball, and many other sports for free. The streaming platfrom has a live chatting feature that allows users to chat with other viewers while watching the games and give their viewpoints.

User friendly.     Not secure and is illegal to stream.
Offers many active links.     Has many ads.

9.     ESPN


  • Viewers can watch highlights
  • Shows live schedules

Brief overview

ESPN is a renowned sports streaming platform. Many people from around the world enjoy the services it has to offer. Viewers can watch highlights of major sporting events, read articles, watch video commentaries, and much more on this streaming site. The website is well-developed, easy to use and navigate, and user-friendly. You can also get its premium version, ESPN+ if you want to enjoy more features.

User friendly and easy to use interface.   Has a lot of commercials.
Has broadcasting rights for NBA, NFL, MMA, NHL, and numerous soccer leagues. 

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10.  Sportsurge


  • Streams multiple sports events
  • Has videos in HD
  • Provides live sports schedule

Brief overview

Sportsurge is a sports streaming site that is free and provides streaming links for a wide range of sports events and programs. It is available in 150 countries and is a hub for sports fanatics and enthusiasts. Sportsurge is easy to use and allows fans to find reliable links to watch their favorite sports. The streaming platform doesn’t require a subscription or cable TV. It has become extremely popular among netizens due to its high-quality streams, and easy-to-use interface.

High quality streams.Some links don’t work
User friendly interface.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Which sports streaming site is best?

Sportsurge is the best streaming site because it is free and offers high-quality streams.

Most of the streaming links on Reddit are reliable and safe. However, there are some links that might be harmful, so you need to take extra care when clicking on a link.

Is Facebook Watch free?

Yes, Facebook Watch is free, and you can access it either through the mobile app or the main website.