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10 Biggest-Sports-Tournaments


Biggest Sports Tournaments: Why FIFA World Cup Is The Biggest Among All?

Each Corner of our planet is stocked with unique cultural flavors. From muddy horse races to elegant cricket matches, there is little that hasn’t been tried. we’re here to find out which events reign supreme. Which are the Biggest sports tournaments and which battles absorb the most cash and attract the most awe-inspired viewers.

we did deep into researching on sports data, financial numbers, TV viewership details, and social media following resulting in giving him the ultimate list of biggest sports tournaments in the world. We realized three big factors which play a significant part in how popular a competition really is.

  • TV viewership: It defines how many people actually tune in to watch a certain competition. More people watching the tournament higher the advertising revenue and TV rights money. This means higher prize money available for tournament organizers to distribute.
  • Worldwide audience: Some sports have a specific audience. Either geographically or based on gender/age. For example, the Football world cup is popular in almost every part of the world while the ICE Hockey World championship is only watched in specific countries/regions. That kind of plays a part in attracting advertisers and selling TV rights deals.
  • Prize money: So the bigger TV viewership or live stream numbers higher the fee tournament organizers can generate from TV rights and other media rights sales. TV rights money usually makes up the prize money fund available in major sports.

So after researching these factors we came up with the ultimate list of Biggest Sports tournaments where FIFA World cup reign supreme in almost every criterion.

Why FIFA world cup is the Biggest sports tournament competition?

Among all the sporting events, the FIFA World cup is by far the most-watched and most lucrative tournament. FIFA World Cup gets the number one spot on the bases of:

  • TV viewership: average 3 billion-plus TV views per world cup since 2010
  • Prize money: $791 million will be distributed among 32 participating nations in the 2022 world cup.
  • Worldwide audience: Over 180 territories bought the World cup 2022 rights generating well over $4.6 billion in TV money for FIFA.

Let’s examine these numbers in detail

World Cup 2018 Became The Most Watched Sports Event:

  • Sport | Football
  • Viewership | 3.9 Billion
  • Upcoming Event | 2022
  • Popularity | Europe, Africa, Asia

Since 1998 the FIFA World Cup has averaged 3 billion people who have watched parts of the tournament, with the 2018 Russian world cup topping 3.9 billion viewers. World Cup feature 32 counties, Which qualify for the final stages. Hence most countries have a football team making it truly a global event.

Football is the biggest of all sports around the world. There are many competitions for this sport held annually. However, the FIFA World Cup has its own market. Football has billions of followers from all parts of the planet. As the football world cup is held after every 4 years, the fever spread everywhere.

Besides watching the matches on the ground, people also love to follow the matches on the TV. More than 3.9 Billion fans have watched the FIFA world cup 2018. The final was watched by 600 million people worldwide.

FIFA World Cup Prize money – $791 million

Fifa World Cup is Organized every four years. World Cup is the most viewed football tournament in the world. World cup global viewership is more than the summer Olympic Games. The Fifa World Cup is organized by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), which is the primary governing body of this event.

It is contested by national teams across the globe that are selected via a qualification round. FIFA World Cup was first organized in 1930 and the last one was in 2018, which was won by France. The total prize money pool of the FIFA World Cup is estimated to be USD $700 million.

This is paid out starting with $2m per team for preparation, then $10 million for group stage participation.  The winning team will end up taking home a total of $62 million.

Read more: FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money Breakdown

Worldwide audience – 180 countries bought World Cup 2022 TV rights:

With 4.6 billion followers in the count, Football is the most popular sport in the world. It is not only the most popular sport but it is also the richest sport in the world. FIFA is governing body of football. Based on the above mention criteria, Football justified its number one position.

Football World Cup is the most-watched sports event. Almost 3.9 billion tuned in during a month-long 2018 FIFA World Cup. The final between France vs Croatia was watched by around 600 million people worldwide.

Biggest sports tournaments

RankCompetitionPrize moneyTV viewership
1The FIFIA World Cup$700 million3.9 Billion
2The Summer OlympicsGold Medal and prize Money from Nations2 Billion
3Tour de France$3 million 1.5 billion
4The ICC Cricket World Cup$12 million1.6 Billion
5IIHF World Championship$5 Million1.6 Billion
6Basketball World Cup (FIBA)$90m+1.5 Billion
7FIFA Women’s World Cup$60 million1.12 Billion
8Rugby Union World Cup$10 million857 Million
9UEFA Champions League$1.5 billion (yearly)400 Million
10Super BowlBonus payment to players from $35m playoff fund240 Million
11World Series$75 million150 Million
12The Asian GamesGold Medal and prize Money from Nations1 billion
13The Winter OlympicsGold Medal and prize Money from Nations750 Million

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