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10 Bizarre Football Curses


10 Most Bizarre Curses in Football

How often have you heard about the particular curse that has cost your favorite football club many times? The recent one came into the spotlight when Pep Guardiola’s team, Manchester City yet again fail to win champion leagues. Pundits and fans all over the internet said he has been cursed mark by none either the African players. We all know that Pep and African players didn’t go along well, Especially with Yayha Toure and Eto. Fans suggest if he wants to win another champions league, he needs to lift the curse. However, all things apart, these curses remain somehow. Based on some of The Most Bizarre curses In the World of Football, we compile a list of a few that are entreating yet proven effective with the time.

The Most Bizarre curses In the World of Football

09). United #7 Curse

Ever since Cristiano left in 2009, Valencia, Depay, Di Maria, Owen, Sanchez, and many others have tried but were awful in the 7 kits. It took 12 years, Edinson Cavani and Cristiano Ronaldo himself for that curse to finally come to an end.

 08. Birmingham’s Curse

Birmingham built their stadium in 1906 on an acquired land that led to a 100-year curse. They were relegated that season. A manager even urinated on the corner flags to fix it. They were trophyless for a century. What after 100 years? They won a League Cup

 07. World Cup Curse

In 1998, Team that won the world cup was thrown out of the next world cup from the group stages.

  • ’98: France wins the WC and in ’02: Out in the Group Stages
  • ’06: Italy wins the WC, In 2010: Out in the Group Stages
  • 10: Spain wins the WC and in 2014: Out in the Group Stages
  • 14: Germany wins the WC, In 2018: Out in the Group Stages
  • 18: France wins the WC 22:?

Only Brazil 2002 survived.

 06. The Ramsey Curse

What do the deaths of famous personalities like Steve Jobs, Bin Laden, Paul Walker, Whitney Houston, Robin Williams, Burt Reynolds, Ken Norton, Kim Jong II, and David Bowie have in common? All these deaths happened almost immediately after Aaron Ramsey scored a goal.

 05. Australia’s WC Curse

In 1970, Aussies met a witch doc before facing Zimbabwe in a WC qualifier. The Australian football team hired a witch doctor, who buried bones near the goalposts and cursed the opposition. Players didn’t pay him so the curse reversed. They lost & never qualified until 04 when Safran, an Australian TV star visited that place and reversed it. They qualified for every WC since

04. Bella Guttman

“Never in 100 years will Benfica ever win another European Trophy”, said manager Gutmann before leaving them in 1962. They reached 8 European finals since then and lost all. Eusebio visited his grave for the curse to be broken in 1990 but they still lost. Bizarre Football Curses

 03. Milan #9 Curse

Since the great Inzhagi, anyone with Milan’s 9 jerseys has struggled. Ten players tried their luck with the No. 9 shirt at Milan since Filippo Inzaghi retired in 2012 and the poor return has been labeled as the curse of the famous jersey. Pato, Higuain, Torres, Silva. Piatek performed great with #21 but once he switched to #9, he flopped. Then why is Milan doing so well now? Because there’s a #8 and a #10, but there’s no number 9.

However, Giroud scored 10 goals wearing number #9 in 22 appearances. Seems like he has finally put an end to Rossoneri’s No. 9 curse

02. Drake Curse

Drake was on a European Tour in 2019. With any footballer who clicked a photo, a certain football Player’s team lost the next match. It happened so many times in a row that, people start suggesting drake deliberately click selfies with his rival team players.

  • April 5: Sancho clicks photo with him, April 6: Sancho Lost 5-0 to Bayern
  • 6 April: Auba, 7 April: Lost to Everton
  • April 8: Aguero, the Next day a missed penalty against Spurs & lost
  • 9 April 9: Lukaku and on April 10 Lukaku and the team Lost to Barca

 01. Argentine curse

Racing was the best Argentine club in 1967. Argentine club Racing celebrated the 1967 Intercontinental Cup win, the fans of their greatest rivals, Independiente, broke into Racing’s El Cilindro stadium and buried the corpses of seven black cats. Their rival fans managed to bury 7 dead cats in their stadium for the curse. Racing was relegated in ’82 and got bankrupt in ’98. They were trophyless. In 2001, the cats were taken out. Months later, they won the league.

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