Top 10 Football Clubs With Unique Transfer Policies

The 2021-2022 football season enters into the final stages. The season will be ended after the Champions League final, on 28 May. So, that only means, football clubs can go berserk in the summer transfer window which will start in form June 15. . European Clubs are eager to land good players to make a good team that can work and competes in UEFA competitions and their respective leagues. However, there are clubs with Unique transfer Policies when it comes to signing a footballer. Based on that, we sum up the list of Six clubs with Unique transfer Policies. They have been following these Policies for years.

Clubs With Unique Transfer Policies

6). Altinordu FK

Altinordu FK is a Turkish club currently playing in the Turkish second division The club has police to focus more on youth rather than singing big-name players from different clubs. So, as in the club transfer policy, it is stated that the club holds an in-house rule of having at least 34% homegrown players.

They added this rule in their transfer policy in order to prevent their club heritage. Also, this rue aim is t give opportunities to local children. With such a unique policy, they found themself promoted to the Turkish super league couple of seasons ago.

5). Gimcheon Sangmu FC

Gimcheon Sangmu FC is a Korean football club. It is an Army club, and Football players in Gimcheon Sangmu FC club are full-time army officers as well. The players in order to play for the club have to serve two-year military duty. After the two years of duty, the player then became eligible to join the club. Fifteen players join at the start of every season and spend two years at the club. After the two years, The player return to their previous clubs. Due to their military status, Gimcheon Sangmu FC never signed any forging player.

4). C.D. Guadalajara aka Chivas

Guadalajara plays in Mexian premiere league. The football club is famous by the name as Civas. Chivas is a Mexican team. Most of the fans know the club for its strange and weird transfer policy. According to the club transfer policy, it states that: layers ” Chivas can only field Mexican-born players in the matches. Hence, Foreign players who are not Mexican, cant start the game. The club has been following this policy since 1908. The thing is they have been following since 1908 and have never been relegated from the first division, not even once. Considering this rue, they have done great.

3). Clermont Foot 63

Clermont Foot is a french football club, The club is currently playing in the French Ligue one division. However, they played their first-ever Ligue one game last season after securing first-ever promotions in the league. They are currently in 16th position and are safe from relegation. Well, this is an outstanding performance for a club that has a unique transfer policy of not spending money on player transfers. Literally, since the 2000-01 season, the club has not paid a single penny for a transfer. In 2001 too they bought one player for €380K. That’s all, That’s the last time they spend money on a transfer.

Even here You can check the fact that every player Clermont Foot has signed since the 2000-01 season, is either a loan or a free transfer. Because of this policy, their estimated budget has increased from €6.8 million in 2008 to €20 million in 2022.

2). Chertanovo Moscow

Chertanonvo is a Russian football club located in Moscow. The club is currently active in the third tier of the Russian football league. What is unique in their transfer policy is that the club play FIFA Career Mode, and the FIFA manager made it in real life. They transfer players back from the academy. Club only uses academy players and adopts the game format.

1). Athletic Club Bilbao

Athletic Club Bilbao Plays in Spain’s 1st Division, La Liga. The club is well known in the Spanish region. Most of the fans know the club for its strange and weird transfer policy. According to the club transfer policy, it states that: “The Athletic club can only sign players who are native to or trained in football in the Basque Country. If a certain player doesn’t land on the mentioned rule, then the club can’t sign him. The club follows this transfer policy since 1912.

However, this rule/ Policy is only applicable to football players. Coach, managers, and staff don’t come under this policy.

Honorable mentions

apart from these clubs, there is a number of football clubs that have unique transfer policies. Like:

  • Niigata Unicorn only allowed Japanese players to play for the club and they all have to be located in Singapore.
  • Indian club, Indian Arrows only allow Indian players to play for the club
  • Ecuador based club, EL Nacional has a transfer policy that only allows Ecuadorian Players to play from the club,
  • Singapore-based club, young lions follow the transfer policy of allowing only young players to play from the club. However, these young player has to be Singapore-born or located.