10 Countries Which Dominate Particular Olympics Sports

“8 Countries In The World That Dominate Particular Sports”

There are several countries in the world that dominate particular sports.

We can not deny the fact that every sport is famous and played worldwide for a reason, whether it has a large fan following or is dominated by a particular country.

However, cricket is a national game of England, but you can see the fans of cricket all over the world.

The interesting fact is that there are sports superstars who played for specific sports which aren’t even their dominant country sport!

Here in this post, we have mentioned 8 countries in the world that dominate particular sports!

Let’s get started!

1 – Table Tennis & Badminton: Dominated By China

Table Tennis is also known as “Ping Pong” is a very prominent sport in China.

In the 1990s, it was considered an unofficial sport in china but later, it was dominated by China.

Although, the Chinese government also managed to win astonishing 28 gold medals out of 32 at the Olympics.

On the other hand, badminton is also a sport played by Chinese at a very young age.

Chinese who are into sports start playing at a very early age and only leave when they maxed out of the playing potential.

2 – Basket Ball & Tennis: Dominated By USA

The sports enthusiasts of the U.S have been playing basketball since 1936 in Olympics.

Since then, America has dominated this particular sport in every tournament and campaign.

However, NBA is a big reason for winning every gold medal in the Olympics and other tournaments.

On the other hand, America has also ensued more than 500 medals in swimming which shows the sign of dominating this sports particularly.

3 – Wrestling & Synchronized Swimming: Dominated By Russia

There have been 21 gold medals won by Russian wrestlers at the last four Olympic games.

Until the 1984 Los Angeles Games, wrestling was dominated by the USA.

The Russians have since become the frontrunners of Wrestling.

In addition, the sport of synchronized swimming has been dominated by Russia since the earliest days of the sport.

There is so much variety in their production line of synchronized swimmers.

Although, not even one of the gold medalists of the 2008 Beijing Olympics was in the winning team eight years earlier

4 – Archery & Taekwondo: Dominated By South Korea

In the last few years, Taekwondo become part of Olympic Sports, and South Korea has stamped its authority on it.

The South Korean athletes have shown remarkable performance and won 4 gold medals in the 2008 Olympics.

Moreover, they are hitting the bull’s eye in archery for the last 20 years which shows that Archery is also dominated by South Korea.

You will be surprised to know that South Korea has set the world record in Archery in every Olympic sport except 2004.

5 – Equestrian Sport & Field Hockey: Dominated By Germany

When we talk about Equestrian, Germany is the first name that comes to our mind.

This sport has acquired more than 37 gold medals in Olympic history.

Besides this, Germany Hockey’s team has the honor of winning Gold medals four times in the Olympics.

As well as the Champions Trophy, the EuroHockey Nations Championships have been won numerous times by them.

6 – Rowing & Sailing: Dominated By Great Britain 

The Rowling and Sailing are two sports that are upscaled by Great Britain. 

It is safe to say that Great Britain athletes are the reason for bringing this sport to the highlights of the Olympics.

In the history of sailing at the Olympics, the UK has won 24 gold medals and entered London as the nation to beat.

Three consecutive Olympics, starting in Sydney 2000, saw them dominating the waves.

7 – Boxing: Dominated By Cuba

Currently, there are 99,000 athletes in Cuba and 19,000 out of it are boxers.

The passion and hunger of boxing in Cuba can not be defeated by anyone in the world.

81 out of 19,000 boxers appeared in the Olympics.

You will be surprised to know that boxing came into this country as a tourist attraction.

But now, it is something they can’t live without.

From 1996 to 2000, Cuban athletes have participated in more than 7 Olympic tournaments and won 27 gold medals as well as 13 silver and 7 bronze medals.

8 – Japan For Judo: One Of The Famous Countries In The World That Dominate Particular Sports

The last country on our list is japan which dominated Judo Karate as their national sport.

Japan has won more than 12 medals out of which three are gold.

They have shown stellar performance in Judo competing with Russia and Mongolia.

You can also see a successful winning category in heavyweight and lightweight tournaments.

Japanese athletes commit to taking the medals along with them since it was introduced in the Olympics in 1964.

Luckily, Japan has won more than 84 medals which is quite impressive.

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