Cricketers Who Died In The Match

Cricketers Died In Match

As the time passed, cricket has become one of the most famous sport across the globe. Especially in Asian countries, the number of fans has crossed the million mark as it provides a lot of fun and entertainment. However, the dark side of cricket is also there as some players have to sacrifice their lives on the pitch. Here are the complete details about the top 10 most popular cricketers who died in the match tragically.

1 – Phillips Hughes

Cricketers Died In Match

The left hander batsman has impressed the world with his impressive strokes since the start of his career. He was considered to be one of the finest player for Australia in the near future. He started his test career in 2009 and made his ODI debut in 2013. Unfortunately, in a domestic match at Sidney Cricket Ground on 25 November 2014, he was struck by a bouncer at neck and fell unconscious on the pitch. Phillips was taken to the hospital immediately and went to coma. But he couldn’t get out of it and died after 2 days.

2 – Raman Lamba

Cricketers Died In Match

Lamba was Indian cricketer and represent his national side in 4 tests and 32 ODIs. He was one of the famous cricketer of his era. His cricketing career was very short as he died just at the age of 23 years. It was India vs Bangladesh in 1998 at Dhaka and Lamba was fielding at deep mid wicket. Suddenly, he fell down and blood came out of his nose. He was shifted to hospital where doctors diagnosed the brain hemorrhage and declared him in coma. But after 2 days, he met his fate leaving an unanswerable mark on career of future cricketers.

3 – Abdul Aziz

Cricketers Died In Match

The former wicket-keeper and opening batsman Abdul Aziz was among the few early cricketers of Pakistan. He is also present in the list as he died during a match at Quaid-e-Azam trophy in 1959. He was at the crease facing the pace deliveries and bouncers of Dildar Awan. Suddenly, one of the bouncer hit him at his chest which broke his cardiac ribs and cause stroke. Abdul Aziz couldn’t survive the impact and died before reaching the hospital.

4 – Darryn Randall

Cricketers Died In Match

Darryn Randall was a professional former cricketer from South Africa and is known for his epic wicket-keeping abilities. Moreover, he was also a fine right hand batter. In a domestic match on 27 October 2013, Randall was hit on his head by a bouncer. The impact was so powerful that he couldn’t bear it and in no time died on the spot, becoming another cricketers who died in the match. Reports revealed that his bone got broken and disrupted blood supply to brain caused the stroke.

5 – Raymond Van Schoor

Raymond was very skillful player who played for Namibia and represented his national side in more than 200 games. He is widely famous for his cover drives and fast running between the wickets. However, the right hander’s career also came to the end in a tragic manner. In November 2015, he appeared in a match against Free State. He was suffered from heat stroke in the field and was not able to manage it. Resultantly, he died just at the age of 25 years.

6 – Ian Folley

The English all-rounder is thought to be a great versatile cricketer as he was able to pick the pickets at crucial stage with his impressive medium fast bowling from left hand. Moreover, he can also bat pretty well with right hand. He was playing a domestic match in 1993 when a bouncer hit him just underneath the eyes which hurt him badly. He was taken to the nearby hospital for eye operation immediately. But he also suffered from the cardiac arrest during the way to hospital and ultimately death occurred.

7 – Ankit Keshri

Keshri is another Indian batsman present in the list. Not so many people know about him as he has never played for India at the international stage. However, he represented Bengal in the domestic tournaments. During a domestic match in 2015, Ankit was fielding at cover position. In an attempt to catch the ball, he collided with another player. Although it happens commonly in cricket but the Indian youngster could not bear the impact and eventually fell unconscious on the field. He was sent to hospital but became died due to severe internal bleeding.

8 – Wasim Raja

Wasim Raja, brother of current PCB chairman Ramiz Raja, is also the part of this list of cricketers who died in the match. Raja was one of the most popular member of Pakistan cricket team and has played under the captaincy of legendary skipper Imran Khan. He was playing in English county cricket in 2006. While batting, he told his partner about his ill condition and went out of the field. However, fell on the boundary line and died on the spot. Medical reports confirmed that the stroke and reduced blood supply to brain was the cause of his death.

9 – Zulfiqar Bhatti

Zulfiqar Bhatti was the emerging cricketer of Pakistan and has impressed the selection committee with his glorious lofting skills. Bhatti was playing a domestic match at Sukkhur in December 2013. During batting, he was punched on his chest by a pace bouncer which broke his ribs and caused the disruption to heart’s blood supply. The 22 years old suddenly fell onto the pitch and collapsed in no time.

10 – Richard Beaumont

The death of Richard Beaumont is one of the most mysterious and tragic death of cricketing world. He was England’s top club cricketer, appeared in number of matches. During a domestic match, he bowled wonderful figures and picked 5 wickets. While celebrating in front of crowd, he fell down and became unconscious. When taken to hospital, doctors declared him dead. While the medical reports confirmed that the tragic event occurred due to heart attack.

All these are the details about the top 10 most popular cricketers who died in the match. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!