Top 10 European Clubs with Most Trophies

European Football is mostly dominated by 6 countries. Clubs fight for domestic and European glory. Out of dozens, Only a handful of clubs emerges on the surface with most club titles. Take a look at the list of European Clubs With the Most Trophies.

RankClubsLeague TitlesChampions LeagueInt. TrophiesUEFA Super CupDomestic CupsOthersTotal Trophies
1Rangers55N/A N/A 3330118
2Celtic 51 1 N/A N/A 40 20 112
4Real Madrid341344201792
5Bayern Munich 31 6 2 2 20 19 80
7Porto 29221172677
8Ajax 354N/A3201375
10Man United 20 3 11122966

As compared with the other nations’ leagues, European football is far ahead. None is taken from the leagues in South America & Africa, but the quality of football in European Leagues, speaks for itself.

European Football provides competition, money, and fame to players. As Europe hosts some of the biggest football clubs in the world.

Some of the clubs manage to win the Champions league more than one time.

European Clubs With Most Trophies

The most successful team in Scotland, the Rangers has 55 Scottish League titles to their name.

Ranger’s total telly reached 118 titles after they won the league last season. However, Rangers arch-rival Celtic is second on the list with 112 titles.

Similarly Two Spanish and European Giants, Barca and Real Madrid hold the number 3 & 4 spot.

In Europe top 5 leagues, Barca and Real Madrid are the most successful Clubs. As both of these clubs won 95 and 92 titles.


Q. How many Trophies Barcelona won?

A. Barcelona won 95 titles

Q. How many trophies does Real Madrid have?

A. Real Madrid has 92 Trophies

Q. Which Europen Club has the most Domestic League Titles?

A. Ranger FC has the most Domestic League Titles. The club won 55 league titles.

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