List of Past Winners of European Golden Shoe Award (From 1967 Till To-Date)

The European Golden Shoe Award is an award that is presented each season to the leading goal scorer in league matches from the top division of every European national league. it was first presented in 1967-68 season, originally called “Soulier d’Or” which translates from French as a golden shoe and was presented by L’Équipe who also award Ballon d’OR.

European Golden Shoe Award Based On Points

Between 1967 to 1996 the award was given to the higher goal scorer in the European league. But in the 1996-1997 season, European sports media introduce the points system means that the golden shoe award has given on a points system that allows players in a tougher league to win even if they score fewer goals than a player in a weaker league.

Petar Zhekov361968–69
Gerd Müller381969–70
Josip Skoblar441970–71
Gerd Müller401971–72
Héctor Yazalde461973–74
Dudu Georgescu331974–75
Sotiris Kaiafas391975–76
Dudu Georgescu471976–77
Hans Krankl411977–78
Kees Kist341978–79
Erwin Vandenbergh391979–80
Georgi Slavkov311980–81
Wim Kieft321981–82
Fernando Gomes361982–83
Ian Rush321983–84
Fernando Gomes391984–85
Marco van Basten371985–86
Toni Polster391986–87
Tanju Çolak391987–88
Dorin Mateuț431988–89
Hugo Sánchez381989–90
Hristo Stoichkov341990–91
Darko Pančev341991–92
Ally McCoist341992–93
Ally McCoist431993–94
David Taylor391994–95
Arsen Avetisyan401995–96
Zviad Endeladze

Golden shoe award based on points from 1996 to date:

In 1996 season the criteria to award golden shoe was changed to points system. Where goals in top 5 leagues in europe would get 2 points (per goal) while in other leagues you will have 1.5 points (per goal) or 1 point (per goal).

RonaldoLa Liga34681996–97
Nikos MachlasEredivisie34681997–98
Mário JardelPrimeira Liga36721998–99
Kevin PhillipsPremier League30601999–2000
Henrik LarssonScottish Premier League3552.5 2000-2001
Mário JardelPrimeira Liga4263 2001-2002
Roy MakaayLa Liga2958 2002-2003
Thierry HenryPremier League3060 2003-2004
Thierry HenryPremier League2550 2004-2005
Diego ForlánLa Liga3150 2004-2005
Luca ToniSerie A2662 2005-2006
Francesco TottiSerie A3152 2006-2007
Cristiano RonaldoPremier League3262 2007-2008
Diego ForlánLa Liga3464 2008-2009
Lionel MessiLa Liga4068 2009-2010
Cristiano RonaldoLa Liga5080 2010-2011
Lionel MessiLa Liga46100 2011-2012
Lionel MessiLa Liga3192 2012-2013
Luis SuárezPremier League3162 2013-2014
Cristiano RonaldoLa Liga4862 2013-2014
Cristiano RonaldoLa Liga4096 2014-2015
Luis SuárezLa Liga3780 2015-2016
Lionel MessiLa Liga3474 2016-2017
Lionel MessiLa Liga3668 2017-2018
Lionel MessiLa Liga3672 2018-2019
Ciro ImmobileLa Liga3672 2019-2020
Robert LewandowskiBundesliga4182 2020-2021

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