Most Expensive Adventure Sports Experiences | Mountain Climbing Cost You More Than $100k

Expensive Adventure Sports Experiences

In everyday life, we always try to find some thrill and joy to make our life exciting. But what about having a journey full of adventure and excitement. If you are a nature lover and want to explore some of the most adventurous sports in the world, you must have strong sympathetic system to boost your adrenaline level. Moreover, money also needed to fulfill the requirements. Here we will show you a rundown of top 10 most expensive adventure sports experiences which not only provide you with amazing sensations but also put a heavy load on your pockets.

Expensive Adventure Sports Experiences

10 – Bungee Jumping

People who are fond of nature and want to have some serious enjoyment can get the best through bungee jumping. There is nothing to do as you only have to jump from a high place while having tied yourself with a cord. The bungee jumping cost estimated ranges between $200 to $500.

9 – Rock Climbing

One of the most loved adventure rock climbing is present at number 9 in the list as it withdraws minimum $500 from your pocket to a maximum of $1000. In this sport, one climb up the rock by the help of strong rope plugged firmly at the top point of the rock. Thus, it provides different kind of sensation to the height lovers.

8 – Heli-skiing

Only the people with good stamina can do heli-skiing as it involves skiing on the snowy mountains at the altitude of more than 7000 meters. You will move through the helicopter on the highest places and then includes the jump with the help of string attached to the heli. This adventure will seep out $800 to $1,200 from your account.

7 – River Rafting

Going against or with the flow of high speed of water also require strong insight as there is a lot of risk involved. You must be equipped with all the essentials before going into the dangerous streams. River Rafting is basically going through the strong waves by the help of manual or electric kayak. Thus, it will also make a hole up to $1,500 in your pocket.

6 – Base Jumping

No doubt, base jumping is one of the most galvanizing sport experience but it’s also true that the risk of mortality is higher. Imaging sky diving from the height of near about 8000 meters and opening your parachute at the altitude of just 1000 meters! Surely, it will give the goosebumps as the reaction time is very small and a slight mistake in timing can cost your life. The cost per single base jumping will put the load of $2,000 on your balance.

5 – Skydiving

Skydiving is at number 5 in the list of most expensive adventure sports experiences. The average cost per a single jump will cost $5,500 as it requires lot of gadget and protective equipment. To prevent any serious damage, you need a high-quality parachute to fly around and may be a binocular to enjoy the far places.

4 – Wingsuit Flying

Every person dreams to fly like a bird and wingsuit flying is the best way to get the utmost thrill and excitement. It is the first adventure flying sport where you can enjoy the flying by expanding your whole body just like that of avian. Wingsuit flying is more often similar to that of base jumping but it involves less risk as many accessories are there to protect your body. The base cost for wingsuit flying is $6,000 approximately.

3 – Skysurfing

Expensive Adventure Sports Experiences

Skysurfing is may be new for some people but the true surfing lovers know this immense adventure. Although it makes a hole of more than $7,000 in your pocket but you will never get the same taste in any other adventure sports. Skysurfing is basically a skydiving with a board attached to your feet which resembles like that of skysurfing.

2 – Scuba Diving In Underwater Caves

Expensive Adventure Sports Experiences

This adventure sport is not same as of simple scuba diving because it also provide you the opportunity to explore the deep caves and underwater world. However, you must have good numbers in your account to pay the dues. On average, scuba diving in underwater caves will cost you around $12k to $15k.

1 – Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing list top on Expensive Adventure Sports Experiences

A huge number of people are fans of expedition on the high altitude mountains like Mount Everest. However, mountain climbing is one of the very dangerous sport as facing the harsh climate with temperature down to -50 degree Celsius is not an easy task. Moreover, the protective equipment and mountain tents’ cost is also very high. Thus, you must have the budget of $100k minimum for this adventure sport.

Top 10 Most Expensive Adventure Sports Experiences

1Mountain Climbing$100,000
2Scuba Diving In Underwater Caves$15,000
4Wingsuit Flying$6,000
6Base Jumping$2,000
7River Rafting$1,500
9Rock Climbing$1,000
10Bungee Jumping$500

All these are the details about the top 10 most expensive adventure sports experiences. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!