Top 5 famous boxers who turned promoters

Famous Boxers Who Turned Promoters

Boxing is a famous sport and people love it as they find entertainment and thrill in it. Not only the fans but also some players have this game very close to their heart. That’s why, after the retirement, they can’t leave it. So, they entered in it as a promoter. So, they are included in the list of famous boxers who turned promoters.

Famous Boxers Who Turned Promoters

Here we are going to talk about the famous boxers who turned promoters.

Oscar De La Hoya

The 1992 Olympics Gold medal winner is one of the most younger boxer to find this achievement. He got the name Golden Boy after winning the fight by American media.

Picking his nickname as the name of his organization, the Golden Boy Promotions, Inc. is now one of the most famous promotion company which is continuously providing opportunities for new boxers.

By promoting the major fights, Golden Boy promotion is earning $250 million.

De La Hoya has promoted Liddell vs. Ortiz 3 fight that was played on November 24, 2018 in California.

Roy Jones Jr

Born to a traditional boxer family, the 10 times world champion is now handling a company, Roy Jones, Jr. (RJJ) Boxing Promotions with Keith Veltre from 2013.

The company is on its way to make reinventions in boxing and is earning more than $200 Million.

The famous fights promoted by RJJ are:

  • NABF super flyweight champion, WBC #16, WBA #14 and IBF #7 Jade “Hurricane” Bornea (15-0, 10 KOs)
  • Two-time world title challenger WBO #11 bantamweight “Mighty” Aston Palicte (26-4-1, 22 KOs)
  • Floyd Mayweather

    Having won fifteen major world championships, Mayweather played 50 matches in his career, he won 17 and the became the only boxer who retired with an undefeated record.

    Mayweather Promotions LLC, is a well-known boxing promotion company that is under the consideration of Floyd and is generating a revenue of about $350 Million.

    The renowned boxers who joined this organization are numerous. However, here is a list of some top boxers from them.

  • Angelo Leo
  • Carlos Zambrano
  • Sharif Bogere
  • Ricky Hatton

    Having won 45 games out of 48 fights, the British former boxer has left his mark as one of the toughest boxer to beat.

    After retirement in 2012, Ricky worked as a boxing promoter and held various championships in both light-welterweight and welterweight category.

    Hatton Promotions is a boxing promotional company lead by Ricky Hatton and Richard Poxon as boxing director.

    The revenue collected by this organization is more than $150 Million. The notable boxers joined with Hatton Promotions are as under:

  • Martin Murray
  • Joe Murray
  • Lucas Browne
  • Boxing Promoters

    The main task of the boxing promoters is to provide a way to the boxers to make their mark in the world’s event.

    Moreover, for the boxers who joined the promoting organizations, they arrange the fight and put all the necessary efforts to make the fight successful.

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