Top 20 Famous Fans Of Premier League Clubs

The craze of the Premier League didn’t limit to fans. There are a number of Famous Artists, Atheletes, Actors, DJs, etc who are fans of the game. Today we will look down at Every Premier League and their most famous fans. It could someone from any industry be it hollywood, science or even football itself.

Every Premier League club’s most famous fan

Premier League without a dought is the most-watched league in the World of Football. The league enjoys worldwide recognition and has fans from all over the world. These fans support their favorite Premier league clubs. Like all of us, Artists, Actors, Politician, and high-profile Celebrities also support their favorite club.

Let’s take a look at Every Premier League club’s most famous fan:

1). Arsenal – JAY Z, Idris Elba

The Empire State of Mind rapper is an avid Gooner, sometimes going to games with pal Chris Martin. He owes his love for the Arsenal to Thierry Henry. Jay Z told Arsenal magazine: “When Thierry Henry was at the club I saw him play and I just thought he was an amazing player.

2). Man United – Usain Bolt

Man United’s fanbase has many A-list names including Floyd Mayweather, Megan Fox, Justin Timberlake, and Steve Coogan. Rappers Dave and Stormzy also follow the Red Devils. Stormzy was even involved in Paul Pogba’s unveiling.

Sports stars to follow United include the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, and professional golfer Rory McIlroy.

The world’s fastest man supporters the Red Devils and has said it is his dream to one day play for the club. “I daydream all the time about just big things…one of my biggest is to play for Manchester United,”

3). Liverpool – Lebron James

Lebron James and Samuel L. Jackson are two other famous Liverpool fans. Lebron shows his support over n over. He twitted when Liverpool won UCL and Premier League. He supports Liverpool by wearing the club jersey during his NBA training matches.

4). Man City – Noel and Liam Gallagher

Singer Noel Gallagher is probably City’s most famous supporter, although his brother Liam might have something to say about that. The ex-Oasis star regularly appears on talkSPORT, Soccer AM, and even the BBC to share his love for his boyhood club.

He once interviewed Mario Balotelli is one of Football Focus’s most bizarre moments. He appeared on Sky Sports in December 2017 as City beat rivals United at Old Trafford.

5). Chelsea – Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay was born in Scotland and was on the books of Rangers as a teenager. He has since moved to London and has adopted Chelsea due to the close relationship between the two clubs.

6). Tottenham Hotspur – Adele, Tom Holland

Spurs’ biggest supporter is Adele, who regularly attended games at White Hart Lane. Her song ‘Hometown Glory’ is about the area. Apart from Adele, Tom Holland is also a big supporter of Spurs.

Tom Holland expressed his love for the club during Spider-Man no way Home promotions. He even asked Kylin Mbappe to join the spurs in the summer. However, the french star laughed and decline his request.

7). Aston Villa – Prince William

The Duke of Cambridge decided to support Aston Villa while at school because he wanted to be different from his friends who followed the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea. He was present at Wembley for Aston Villa’s Championship play-off final win last May.

8). Everton – Sylvester Stallone

Rocky star has been made about the Toffees since 2007. He supports Everton because he’s friends with club director Robert Earl, who was the founder of the Sly-backed Planet Hollywood chain of restaurants.

Goodison Park was used as the setting in the Creed movie, which also featured Tony Bellew, while Sly himself has admitted his regret about not buying Everton in the past.

9). Leicester – Gary Lineker

Lineker was born in Leicester and he went on to play 198 times for the club. He famously presented Match of the Day in just his Leicester boxer shorts after they won the Premier League in 2016.

10). West Ham – James Corden

Russell Brand, Ray Winstone, Danny Dyer, and even Lennox Lewis are celebrity West Ham fans. But Corden, perhaps, trumps them all as a regular attendee of games, most recently at the London Stadium for the Hammers’ game against Watford during the Christmas period.

11). Wolves – Mark Hamill

The force is strong with Wolves this season, and it might just be because they’re followed by Luke Skywalker himself!. But it was purely accidental that actor Mark Hamill ended up supporting Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Thanks to a mishap on Twitter where he liked a post about the Midlands club, he had no choice but to continue supporting them. When asked by a Wolves fantastic if he was a fan, he replied: “I am now… All because I ‘liked’ a tweet from a #Wolves fan & they made me feel like family. Very nice!”

12). Bournemouth – Seth Rogan

Comedian Seth Rogen has tentative links to Bournemouth after an appearance on Soccer AM. During the show, the Superbad star was asked to pick a team from a bag of 92 clubs. He drew Bournemouth, declaring: “I have heard they’re awesome.”

13). Brighton – Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim is a lifelong Brighton fan and became the first artist to hold a concert at the Amex Stadium. He was turned on to the Seagulls by some mates who took him to a game. He’s been hooked ever since.

14). Burnley – Jimmy Anderson, Prince Charles

The English cricketer was born in Burnley and has supported them since his youth. Apart from him, Prince Charles supports Burnely.

Prince Charles confirmed he was a Burnley fan in 2012. Through his various charities, which help regenerate the area, he holds the city close to his heart.

15). Newcastle – Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec are both Geordies and were very passionate when Rafa Benitez left the club in the summer.

16). Norwich – Hugh Jackman

Jackman is a supporter of the Canaries as his mother is English and still lives in Norwich. “The Canaries have always meant a lot to me,” he said in 2014, per the Norfolkpost. “I’ve got some special memorabilia going back down the years and always look out for their results.

17). Sheffield United – Jessica Ennis-Hill

Sheffield United named a stand after Ennis-Hill following her Olympic triumph in 2012. However, they were renamed after a sponsor three years later.

18). Southampton – Craig David

Born and raised in Southampton, singer Craig David attended his first game when he was just 11. The superfan even had his matchday program signed by Saints legend Matt Le Tissier in a game against Arsenal.

19). Watford – Elton John

Former Watford owner Sir Elton John has never waned on his love for the Hornets, through thick and thin. Last season he took husband David Furnish and their two sons, Elijah and Zachary to watch the Londoners in a match-up against Man City.

20). Crystal Palace – Bill Nighy

Thesp Bill Nighy has been a supporter of Crystal Palace since he was a boy, attending games as often as he can. The Love Actually star is also a patron of the Crystal Palace Supporters Children’s Charity, recently dropping into their Christmas party with the likes of Roy Hodgson and Andros Townsend to visit kids with various conditions who need special help.