Top 10 Famous Sports Couples Of All Time

Top 10 Famous Sports Couples Of All Time

Love is a thing that does not have any boundaries, and these 10 famous sports couples are an example of it.

However, it is not an uncommon thing as we can see different famous couples in politics and show business.

Unfortunately, there is not a long list of famous sports couples as they didn’t have a happy ending.

But, these 10 famous sports couples are the ones that are living a happy life.

Let’s have a look at them!

1 – Andre Agassi & Steffi Graf

The first couple on our list is famous tennis players that have remarkable playing history and successful career.

Andre Agassi is also known as a Golden Boy of tennis. He is a former #1 tennis player who won 8 grand slam titles and Olympic gold medal in 1996

On the other hand, Steffi Graf was also the most dominant player of her time. Her performance and playing career is something that surprises every person.

You will be surprised to know that she has won more than 22 Grand Slam titles and become an iconic woman in women’s tennis.

They both married in 2001 in October in a private ceremony at a couple’s house in Las Vegas.

2 – Bart Conner & Nadia Comaneci

Nadia Comaneci is the first girl who managed to achieve 4 World Championships and 9 Olympic medals.

After having 4 years of relationship, Nadia married Bart Conner in Bucharest in 1996 who was a member of the U.S Olympic team

The couple now has a happy married life and they also have a son named Dylan.

3 – Nomar Garciaparra & Mia Hamm

From 1987 through 2004, Mia Hamm played forward for the United States women’s soccer team.

During her distinguished career, she won two Olympic Golds and two World Cup titles.

On the other hand, In his playing days for the Boston Red Sox, Nomar Garciapara was the shortstop.

They met in 1998 when he beat her in the celebrity soccer shootout.

In 2003, she and Nomar Garciapara were married in Goleta, California, in front of a few hundred guests.

4 – Greg Norman & Chris Evert

Another famous sports couple on our list is Greg Norman and Chris Evert.

Back in the 1980s, Chris Evert had reputable fame and popularity because of her performance in tennis.

She has appeared in more than 36 Grand Slams and never lost to anyone till the second round.

However, she had the loveliest chemistry with Greg Norman, who was one of the famous Golf players of that time.

This famous couple married in 2008 in the Bahamas, but unfortunately, they ended up with divorce after 15 months.

5 – Sasha Vujacic & Maria Sharapova

If you don’t know the name of the Tennis queen, then it is Maria Sharapova.

She is a tennis star player and has the honor of winning all Grand Slam events as a Russian player.

An engagement in 2010 followed a long-term relationship between Sharapova and Vujacic.

She proposed to him one year after they first met at a friend’s barbecue. Their relationship ended in 2012.

6 – Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is another famous name who won World Cup Championships four times for ski racing.

She is the first American citizen who won the Olympic Gold Medal downhill. 

Moreover, Lindsey has a record of 77 World Cup wins in her career which is quite impressive.

On the other hand, Tiger Woods is another legendary player who is also known as the highest athlete in the world.

He become a pro at golf at the age of 20 when he finds his passion and interest in becoming an athlete.

Soon, he had one of the famous sports couples of all time with Lindsey. But, unfortunately, they both separated after dating each other for 3 years.

7 – Adam Scott & Anna Ivanovic

Anna Ivanovic is also known as the hottest athlete and the queen of tennis.

In the 2007 French Open, she was a runner-up and also won the title in the top year’s ranking.

Anna and Adam Scott started their relationship in 2009. However, they were together for 18 months but later split up because of personal issues.

It was also concluded that they were re-united in 2011, but finally ended their relationship in 2013.

8 – Sergio Garcia & Martina Hingis

In the world of tennis and athletes, Martina Hingis is a very popular name.

She was #1 in the world for 209 weeks and won 22 grand slam titles which is quite impressive.

Martina Hingis announced her retirement in 2002 and come back in 2006.

On the other hand, Sergio Garcia is another top-of-the-line player who managed to stay on top 10 lists for more than 400 weeks.

They both were a famous couple but only for one year. After that, they switched their destinations and never had something like before.

9 – Anna Kornikova & Sergei Fedorov

Anna was not famous for his performance in tennis sports, but for her bombastic looks that flooded the internet with her name searches.

She is one of the famous tennis players in the world who paired up with Martina Hingis and win 2 Australian Open titles.

As Oppose, Sergei was one of the best Playoff performers in hockey. His family with Anna’s family had relationships when Anna was only 15.

After getting fame and popularity in sports, they both married!

But, the interesting thing is that there are rumors that Anna constantly denied the marriage look and take the divorce after some time.

Currently, she is dating a famous singer Enrique Iglesias.

10 – Rory Mcllroy & Caroline Wozniacki: Famous Sports Couples

The last couple on our list is also a couple linked with tennis sports.

It is quite interesting to know that most of the famous couples are from tennis sports.

Caroline is also famous to be the #1 tennis player for 67 weeks which is a good record to make.

Although, Caroline start dating Rory in 2011 and got engaged after two years in 2013.

The fact is that they were Rory called for a marriage, but their relationship was ended via phone call of 10 minutes!

Isn’t this sound weird? But, a bad thing happens!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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