World’s Fastest Growing Sports

Fastest Growing Sports

How eSports made its way into the most popular sports in the world within short span of time and what other sports which are growing rapidly around the world ?. We breakdown some of these sports and reasons behind their rapid growth.


eSports is by far the fastest growing industry in sports. Fortnite world cup winner in 2019 earned $3 million in prize money which is more then what Tennis grand slam winners get. Generally speaking eSports industry is worth around $3.5 billion in 2022 and according to recent estimates it will reach $10 billion in next 3 years. eSports has made it way into the top 10 most popular sports in the world and its only going to grow with any shadow of doubt.

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Famous eSports Competitions: The International 10, Fortnite World Cup, PUBG Global Invitational, League of legends, FIFA eWorld Cup, F1 eSports are just a few to name in long list of eSports events taking place every year.


Mixed Martial Artist has burst onto the global scene in no time. Incredibly, they have a million of fans around the world. In the last decade, MMA became a famous world sports. Different world organizations have played major role in lifting the spirit of this game. The top name comes in the mind in UFC. Having fighters like Conor McGregor, UFC broke many records for generating income in a single PPV event. Recent updates revealed that the industry has a worth of $4 Billion.

Famous Events | UFC and AEW are the best industries which played a magnificent role for recognizing MMA as one of the greatest and fastest growing sports in the world.


Pickleball is another famous growing sports in the world. This game is actually the mixture of table tennis, badminton, and some elements of tennis. It uses a paddle and a plastic ball with holes. Thus, people of any age can play it easily. The racquets are solid and people of any age can play it easily.

Famous Events | USA Pickleball National Championships, IFP Bainbridge Cup and many other famous events feature this high-quality sport around the world.

Adventure Racing

This game has produces a thrill in the world of sports as you have to wander in an unknown place. The time duration may be 2 hours to a week or even a month. The racing includes trekking, mountain biking, paddling climbing and many other known thrilling adventures. In the last few years, more than 1 Million newbies joined this fast growing sports.

Famous Events | Red Bull Defiance, Red Bull Dolmitenmann, Wilderness Traverse and many other famous events have promoted this enduring sport all over the globe.

Drone Racing

Drone racing is also getting famous as the adventurous persons find a great thrill and action in it. The player wearing FPV goggles make him feel that he is sitting on the body of a drone and is making a dogfight with the rivals. The matches are held in open grounds and buildings. Researches revealed that the industry is currently having worth of $127 Billion.

Famous Events | The famous events of Drone racing having millions of fans around the world are Home field hopefully and Emerald Downs 1s Whoop Race. These events have a great viewers and are liked equally by people of all territories.


It is essentially a type of Golf but the difference is the ball size. In Footgolf, the ball is having a large size and is to be put in the hole with feet. Thus, it provides a fun of another level. That’s why, world is finding this sport interesting, as people of every age can play it easily.

Famous Event | AFGL tour is the biggest reason why Footgolf has become famous in no time. Moreover, there are also other leagues present that are making their way for improving the standard of this game.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Known for SUP, it is also one of the best emerging sports in the world especially for adventure lovers. Most of the people don’t even know about the game but surprisingly, it is getting famous and famous each day. SUPs include touring, racing, surfing, yoga and many other activities.

Famous Event | Vail Mountain Games, Mississippi River 140 are the known and highlighting events of this sport.


The rugby is one of the most thrilling sport in the world. It has millions of fans around the world and championships have increased its worth. Moreover, Rugby world cup has increased the fan base of this sport exponentially and increased 60 Million fans in a year.

Famous Events | World Cup, Super Bowl and many other leagues are the most popular events of this sport.


Kabaddi is a special sport of Asian countries especially India and Pakistan where there are millions of fans. From the local trends, now it is recognized as an international sport. There are various leagues that are promoting this sport and ultimately, the fan following is getting increased of this tournament.

Famous Events | Pro Kabaddi Season, Kabaddi World Cup are the highlighting events of this sport that are making fans around the world rapidly.

Javelin Throw

Javelin Throw, a part of Olympics games is also having an increased fan following in the recent years. Being a part of Olympics, fans of the participant countries are eager for winning the gold medals. That’s why, there is a huge fan base for this sport in the recent years and is now also Included in the list of fastest growing sport in the world.

Famous Events | No doubt, Olympics has played a major role in improving the standard of this game. Yet, there are many other leagues also that has huge fan following and played a major role for getting this sport famous.

Editor’s Pick

All these are the fastest growing sports around the world which have an incredible increase in the numbers of fans in the recent years. However, selecting the one that has dominated the market is E – Sports. They are providing huge prize money and the industry is flourishing by leaps and bounds.

If there will be any change in the list, we will update them here. For more details, stay tuned!

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