Fastest MotoGP Riders on Track | Who Hold fastest speed record?

Fastest MotoGP Riders

The world has experienced some of the thrilling scenes during MotoGP seasons as many players have attained the bullet speed during race. With the passage of time, innovation in technology played a crucial role and now MotoGP is getting faster and faster every day. Although, many risks are also there while racing at high speed. However, it also a source of excitement and enjoyment. Here are the complete details about the top 10 fastest MotoGP riders who made records of attaining fastest speed during the race.

Top 10 Fastest MotoGP Riders

10 – Johann Zarco: 358.8 KM/H

The Frenchman is widely recognized for becoming the 2015 and 2016 Moto2 World Champion. Zarco has his best MotoGP season in 2021 where he finished at 5th position. Moreover, he also become the speed star in the same tournament as he has touched the 358.8 KM/H mark during the warm up race of Italian Grand Prix 2021.

9 – Darryn Binder: 358.8 KM/H

Although he could not finish the tournament well, Darryn Binder has made an interesting entry into the MotoGP racing. He finished the 2022 season at 24th position while racing for Yamaha YZR-M1. However, Binder had wonderful feelings when he broke the speed record. During Italian Grand Prix, he catch the speed of 358.8 KM/H and is present at number 9 in the list of fastest MotoGP riders.

8 – Jack Miller: 358.8 KM/H

Jack Miller is been the part of MotoGP Grand Prix since 2015. But, the Australian star is not able to become the champion at any single occasion. His best performance comes in the 2021 MotoGP, where he finished the season at number 4. While racing for Ducati Lenovo team at Italian Grand Prix 2021, Miller astonished the world when he clicked 358.8 KM/H speed.

7 – Enea Bastianini: 358.8 KM/H

After having some brilliant performances in the Moto 3 and Moto 2 Championships, Bastianini made his way to MotoGP. He announced his entry into the premium racing event in great way as he fired the things up while racing for Ducati team. He attained the speed record of 358.8 KM/H in the Italian Grand Prix 2021 season.

6 – Jorge Martin: 358.8 KM/H

In his very first season of MotoGP racing, Jorge Martin has impressed the world with his extraordinary talent and master skills. He performed brilliantly in the race and during the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix, he attained the speed of 358.8 KM/H. Later on, he broke his own record becoming the fastest player of the Grand Prix history.

5 – Enea Bastianini: 360 KM/H

The Italian professional MotoGP rider is present again in the list as he made another speed record while racing at his home ground. In 2021 Italian Grand Prix, he alongside with Johann Zarco presented an excellent sight of competition where he made a record of reaching 360 KM/H speed and broke his own previous record he made in the same race.

4 – Johann Zarco: 360 KM/H

Although he has not won any MotoGP season. However, he is present twice in the list as he feels no fear while accelerating his bike during the race to a dangerous speed level. Zarco has done pretty good at 2021 season where he finished at 5th. During the Italian Grad Prix, he accelerated to sweet 360 KM/H speed and surprised the fans.

3 – Brad Binder: 362.4 KM/H

Brad Binder levels the record of Johann Zarco in MotoGP as he also touched the 362.4 KM/H mark during the race. He also has done the damage in 2021 while racing in Italian Grand Prix which is the 6th round of 2021 season. He is holding expensive contract deal with Red Bull KTM Racing team and also made the record while playing for the same team.

2 – Johann Zarco: 362.4 KM/H

In the very first round of 2021 MotoGP season, Johann Zarco presented a classical view of his racing skills by clicking the 362.4 KM/H mark. He was holding the contract deal with Pramac Racing Ducati and achieved the milestone in Qatar Grand Prix, the very 1st round of MotoGP 2021 season. Zarco is been the part of premium racing event since 2017 and is looking forward to become the champion in the upcoming season.

1 – Jorge Martin: 363.6 KM/H

2022 Italian Grand Prix provides the incredible sight as Jorge Martin broke the record of fastest speed in MotoGP’s history. He clocked 363.6 KM/Hr speed during the event and become the fastest rider of Grand Prix. Martin has recently started his professional career in the MotoGP and is holding contract deal with Pramac Racing Ducati. He is best famous for winning the 2018 Moto3 World Championship.

Top 10 Fastest MotoGP Riders In The History

#No.RidersSpeedGrand PrixYearTeam
1Jorge Martin363.6 KM/HItalian Grand Prix2022Ducati Pramac Racing
2Johann Zarco362.4 KM/HQatar Grand Prix2021Ducati Pramac Racing
3Brad Binder362.4 KM/HItalian Grand Prix2021Red Bull KTM
4Johann Zarco360 KM/HItalian Grand Prix2021Ducati Pramac Racing
5Enea Bastianini360 KM/HItalian Grand Prix2022Ducati Gresini
6Jorge Martin358.8 KM/HQatar Grand Prix2021Ducati Pramac Racing
7Enea Bastianini358.8 KM/HItalian Grand Prix2021Avintia Esponsorama
8Jack Miller358.8 KM/HItalian Grand Prix2021Ducati Lenovo
9Darryn Binder358.8 KM/HItalian Grand Prix2022Yamaha YZR-M1
10Johann Zarco358.8 KM/HItalian Grand Prix2021Ducati Pramac Racing

All these are the details about the top 10 fastest MotoGP riders in the history. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!