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Female Golfers Joined OnlyFans


Most Popular Female Golfers Who Joined OnlyFans | Paige Spiranac Is Earning The Highest

Female Golfers Joined OnlyFans

Although has created many controversies in the sports world, the market of OnlyFans is still going up as many big names have joined the adult subscription platform. Besides the MMA fighters, footballers and wrestlers, some female golfers have also joined the OnlyFans. Here are the complete details about these golfers and how much they are earning from their accounts.

Female Golfers Who Joined OnlyFans

1 – Paige Spiranac

The American professional golfer, Paige Spiranac has opened her account on the subscription platform. She is continuously active on her account and post content for selling. Thus, she is pocketing some good numbers into his bank.

Spiranac has not performed much well in her golf career. That’s why, she has not earned a great success. However, she is a successful social media star and has 3.1 million followers on Instagram. Now, the American has opened her account on OnlyFans and share adult content there. Paige has earned $300k so far from the posts on the adult content site.

2 – Lucy Robson

The 27 years old professional golf player is also active and running an account on OnlyFans. Besides being the golfer, she is also an entrepreneur, model and has worked as an actress.

Having a stunning body and sharp looks, Lucy Robson started her account on the subscription platform. She is uploading her videos and pics including explicit content. Thus, fans are attracting towards her and she is taking home good money. So far, the British professional golfer has pocketed $270k.

3 – Holly Sonders

Having her career in multiple fields, Holly Sonders is one of the famous American TV personality, host, social media celebrity and professional golfer. She has also hosted many sports shows on the TV channels like Fox Sports and NBC Sports.

Sonders has not earned much success in her professional golf career and thus has started her account on OnlyFans. Now, the American is a damn famous star on the adult content site and has banked whopping $230k from the videos and pics posted on her account.

GolfersOnlyFans Earnings
Paige Spiranac$300k
Lucy Robson$270k
Holly Sonders$230k

All these are the details about the most popular female golfers who joined OnlyFans. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more updates!

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