Football’s Top 10 Greatest strikers of All time (ranked according to 6 different factors)

Goal scoring is like an Art and some of Football greatest strikers manage to become the master. Their craft of scoring goals is second to none.

So many football greatest strikers had graced this beautiful game. Pele, Maradona, Gerd Muller, etc all were exceptional in their time.

These players adopted the habit of scoring goals in the easiest way. However, Who is the greatest strikers of all time among them? that’s the question that arises in our minds.

Ranking Criteria Used:

Today’s list will be featuring the All-time Greatest Strikers in football history. The listed players are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Logativtiy of their careers
  2. Impact on the game
  3. Number of Goals scored
  4. Number of trophies they won in their career
  5. Influenece on the team
  6. Indivduial awards won

based on these criteria, the top 10 Football Greatest Strikers of the game are:

#10. Roberto Baggio

Date Of Birth: 18 February 1967
Nation: Italy
Goal Scored: 392
Career Duration: 1982-2004
No. Of trophies: 18

Baggio was iconic Italian footballers who lit up both domestic and international scene with his trickery and ability to create and score goals. At the peak of his career he won FIFA player of the year in 1993. He scored a total of 392 goals and won 2 Serie A titles. Failed to win any major honors at international level and closest he came was in 1994 world cup when his Italian side lost to Brazil

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#9. Romario

Date Of Birth: 29 January 1966
Nation: Brazil
Goal Scored: 753
Career Duration: 1985-2007
No. Of trophies: 13

Romario is the third all-time top goal scorer in the history of football officially recognized by FIFA. He was star of the show when Brazil went on to win 1994 FIFA World Cup and he ended the year with Ballon Dor award. Absolute prolific in front of the goal, Romario had a very successful career both in Europe and native Brazil. Some of his trophies include, Spanish and Dutch leagues multiple times, domestic cups, World cup with Brazil and Copa America (2x)

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#8. Eusebio

Date Of Birth:25 January 1942
Nation: Portugal
Goal Scored: 622
Career Duration: 1958-1981
No. Of trophies: 17

Eusebio was an absolute top-class forward who spent most of his career with Benfica, guiding them to 11 league titles. With his national side Portugal, he was very successful as well although lacked the team to challenge other big nations at that time. With a total of 662 goals over a career spanning 15 years, Eusebio is widely considered one of the greatest European players of his generation

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Ferenc Puskás

#7. Ferenc Puskas

Date Of Birth:2 April 1927
Nation: Hungary
Goal Scored: 729
Career Duration:1943-1966
No. Of trophies:16

Ferenc Puskas was widely considered one of the greatest players and greatest striker to ever grace the football field. As a forward, the Hungarian scored 162 goals in 123 international matches. In domestic leagues, he scored 514 goals in 529 matches. His brilliance guided the Los Blancos to five consecutive league titles and three European Cups.

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#6. Alfredo Di Stefano

Date Of Birth:4 July 1926
Nation: Argentina
Goal Scored: 530
Career Duration: 1945-1966
No. Of trophies: 20

He was known by the Nickname “Blond Arrow” due to his ability to never miss the target. Alfredo Di Stefano changed the entire history of Madrid and made the club form a legacy. He scored 216 league goals in 282 games for Real Madrid. Di Stéfano’s 49 goals in 58 matches were the all-time highest tally of goals in the European Cup. Di Stéfano was granted the Ballon d’Or for the European Footballer of the Year in 1957 and 1959. Michel Platini also called Di Stéfano “a great amongst the greats”.

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Gerd Muller

#5. Gerd Muller

Date Of Birth: Nov 3, 1945
Nation: Germany
Goal Scored:634
Career Duration: 1964-1981
No. Of trophies: 30

A Proper #9 widely regarded for his Clinical Finishing abilities. A phenom of scoring goals. His performance for both club and country is phenomenal. At the international level with West Germany, he scored a total of 68 goals in 62 appearances, and at the club level with Bayern Munich, he scored 365 goals in 427 Bundesliga matches. Muller won the Ballon d’Or in 1970 after guiding West Germany to the World Cup win.

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#4. Ronaldo (Nazario)

Date Of Birth: 22 September 1976
Nation:  Brazil
Goal Scored: 450
Career Duration: 1993–2011
No. Of trophies: 22

Ronaldo is known as “The Phenomenon” and is also nicknamed R9. He is an inspiration for the generation to come, born strikers, His individual honors include FIFA World Player of the Year three times and two Ballon d’Or awards.

With sheer pace, acceleration, dribbling, and finishing, there is no way to stop him. He won the 1996 FIFA World Player of the Year, making him the most youthful player to the recipient of the award.

Ronaldo played a total of 98 matches for Brazil and scored 62 goals. He was just 17 when he was part of the Brazilian squad that won the 1994 FIFA World Cup. He also won the 1997 Copa América.

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#3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Date Of Birth: 5 February
Nation: Portugal
Goal Scored: 801
Career Duration: 2002-present
No. Of trophies: 32

Ronaldo broke every goal-scoring record that was present. He became the highest goal-scoring player in Football history with 820 goals. He also became the player with the most international goals, 115. In his career, the CR7 won 5 Ballon d’Ors and three European golden boots.

To his success, he’s the 3rd player who won the champion league 5 times in his career. With Portugal, he won Euro Cup in 2016 and the nations league in 2020.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest European footballer in the long run period between the late 2000s to the present, and is one of the greatest footballers of all time, holds the distinction of being the most expensive player in football history after having been transferred to Real Madrid.

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#2. Lionel Messi

Date Of Birth: 24 June 1987
Goal Scored: 770
Career Duration: 2004-present
No. Of trophies: 36

7 times Ballon d’Or winner, 5 times European Golen boot winner, There is no complete player better than or above Leo Messi. Currently, the magician scored 761 goals and became the fastest player to reach the feat. He won Copa America in 2021 and won all the awards including MVP and Player of the Tournament award. before that, he took Argentina to 4 finals, including the world cup final in 2014.

Messi is the most influential player on Barcelona’s dominant side as the only club to win the two European Triple Champions. In the 2011 – 2012 Season, Messi scored 73 goals in 60 club games and is the highest goalscorer of all time in a single season. 

He holds the record for most hat-tricks in the history of the Spanish football club with 32. Messi also holds the record for most goals in a year for Argentina with 12. Leo owns the record most hat-tricks scorer in the history of the European Cup/UEFA Champion League with nine.

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#1. Pele

Date Of Birth: 23 October 1940
Nation: Brazil
Goal Scored: 769
Career Duration: 1957-1977
No. Of trophies: 23

Greatest of all, And marked “The greatest by Fifa”. Pele is the greatest striker of All Time.  He was among the most thriving and famous sports figures of the 20th century.

Pelé was voted World Player of the Century by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) and was one of the two collective winners of the FIFA Player of the Century.

His total goal tally of 1,279 goals in 1,363 games is identified as a Guinness World Record. He played most of his career for Santos winning silverware almost every year. Pele is also the only player in history to win three World Cups. He played a total of 92 matches and scored 77 goals for the Brazil national team.

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PlayerGoals ScoredNo. Of TrophiesCareer duration
Lionel Messi770362004-Present
Cristiano Ronaldo801322002–present
Gerd Muller634301964–1981
Alfredo Di Stefano 530201945–1966
Ferenc Puskas729161943–1966
Roberto Baggio3941819–19

Based on the mentioned criteria, Pele is the Football Greatest Strikers. While Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo might replace him if they continue to dominate world football and add a World Cup title to their name. Until then however, Pele reigns supreme!

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