10 Football Payers Grew Up Supporting Rival clubs

Football Payers Grew Up Supporting Rival clubs

Legends of the game, play for usually one club or joined their dream club once get the chance. However, there are certain Football Payers who Grew Up Supporting Rival clubs and eventually end up joining the club that is their rival club. We see the case of Luis Figo directly transferred from Barcelona to Real Madrid bought so much fate. However, there’s a different thing. Players like these clubs while growing up but end up playing against them. Take a look at 10 Football Payers Grew Up Supporting Rival clubs.

The ultimate heartbreak

Whilst some of these footballers didn’t get an opportunity to play for the sides they loved, a few others have gone on to represent their adversaries. The teams that they would have dreaded supporting as kids. In this list, we’re going to take a look at players who supported their rivals as kids but went on to create a name for themselves with their opponents.

10 Football Payers Grew Up Supporting Rival clubs

10). Jadon Sancho

When he was 15 years old, he joined Manchester City’s academy where he stayed for 2 years before he joined Borussia Dortmund. Only for him to turn around and join Manchester United at 21.

9). Harry Kane

So, while Harry Kane insists that he is a Spurs man through and through, a picture surfaced on the internet some years ago with him in an Arsenal jersey when he was just 8 years old. He was at the Arsenal academy for one year.

8). Kevin De Bruyne

As a child, he used to support City’s biggest Premier League rival, Liverpool. His idol was, strangely, Michael Owen. He always had a Liverpool Michael Owen jersey hanging in his room. He also very often wears a Liverpool tracksuit, etc.

7). Luke Shaw

Shaw grew up a Chelsea supporter, and in fact, he used to idolize former Chelsea and Arsenal full-back, Ashley Cole. He wasn’t just a supporter, though, he went through the London club’s development center at Guildford, but he didn’t make it to the academy.

6). Isco

Before signing for Real Madrid from Malaga, Isco revealed that was never a Madridista fan claiming the Los Blancos to be an arrogant club. He was a clue and could still be one. His admiration towards Lionel Messi is so deep that he even named his dog after the Argentine.

5). Vinicius Jr.

Vini Jr. was signed by Real Madrid in 2018, but just the year before that, he was shedding tears after watching a Barcelona match. Vinicius, who was reportedly very close to a Barcelona move at the time, was shedding tears of joy after La Remontada in 2017.

4). Raul

There’s no denying that this man gave his all for the Whites, but did you know that he actually supported Atlético Madrid as a kid? Raúl, a Madridista at heart, grew up as a fan of his beloved club’s crosstown rivals. He even spent two years in their academy before the Whites swooped in. He has completely forgotten all about his past now. That’s what we’re hoping for.

3). Luka Modric

So, apparently, Cruyff is not only his lookalike, he was Modric’s idol growing up. The Croatian really looked up to the Dutchman and absolutely adored the club he used to play for – Barcelona. Rumors are that the Catalan giants were close to signing Modric in 2008.

2). Neymar Jr.

Neymar was a Real Madrid fan growing up, and much of that was thanks to Robinho. He really adored the ex-Brazil international and said that his dream was playing for Real Madrid. But if you think this is shocking, wait till you see the next one.

1). Andres Iniesta

Yes! Believe it or not, Iniesta, who spent 22 years at Barcelona and was a product of the famous La Masia academy, had a period where he didn’t support Barcelona. However, he said that there has never been any contact, and & was never close to signing for Madrid.