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Football Players Expensive Yachts


Most Popular Football Players Who Own Expensive Yachts | Messi Is On The Top With Yacht Of Worth $12.2 Million

Only few footballers in the world could manage a expensive as they sign lucrative contracts with their clubs. The sponsorships and image rights deals are another source for their income. Thus, their annual payouts increased to a great extent. Here are the top football players who are managing the most expensive private yachts.

Football Players Expensive Yachts

Football is now become the highest money making sport in the world as billions of fans follow the game across the globe. The sponsorships and TV rights contract deals make this sport more lucrative. Hence football becomes an important source of tier one country’s economy. Moreover, the footballers receive high paying contracts and in return manage luxury life style.

Which Football Players Own The Most Expensive Yachts?

The top footballers of the world Ronaldo, Messi, Beckham, all have luxurious yachts and are often spending their vacations in them. Inside the details, these yachts worth more than some footballers net worth. Thus, only the richest can afford such splendid interests. Below are the complete details about the football players who own the most expensive yachts.

4 – Sergio Ramos

  • Country | Spain
  • Contract Salary | $14.2 million
  • Yacht | Fairline Squadron 78
  • Yacht Worth | $5.9 million

Sergio Ramos is one of the most richest football of the modern world. He is having a contract deal with PSG for the 2022 season earning him the lucrative salary of $14.2 million. Ramos is often seen in his yacht along with his team mates spending their free time in the boat. His Yacht, named Fairline Squadron 78 is full of features and provide a great place to have a weekend. The luxury features of the yacht are following.

  • Furnished Apartment | There is a furnished apartment in Ramos’ Fairline Yacht where he often spend his time with his partner.
  • 4 Cabins | 4 cabins are there providing enough space for about 8 persons. Moreover, all the cabins have luxury beds and decorated walls giving a charming and pleasant look. There are double berths in the cabins for accommodating more people within the less space.
  • 2 Twins | The pair of twin is available that increase the speed of this yacht up to 38 mph.
  • Jet Skis | Jet skis are available in the Ramos yacht for some more fun as they move at a great speed.

3 – Neymar Jr

  • Country | Brazil
  • Contract Salary | $75 million
  • Yacht | Azimut 78
  • Yacht Worth | $7 million

The PSG super star is currently at third position in the highest paid football players list. Having a contract salary of $75 million per year, Neymar is able to manage a luxury Azimut 18 yacht.

The yacht cost him $7 million making him the football player who own third most expensive yacht. The Azimut 18 is furnished with the following features.

  • 3 Suites | The yacht contain 3 luxurious suites with complete features giving a glorious look.
  • Kitchen | The kitchen is also there to provide the cooking facility.
  • Sofa Comfy | The sofa comfy is full of comfortable sofa providing the space for 8 persons to accommodate. Moreover, there is a complete soundproof built-in.

2 – Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Country | Portugal
  • Contract Salary | $70 million
  • Yacht | Palmer Johnson Ascari
  • Yacht Worth | $9.2 million

Ronaldo is currently the second highest paid footballer in the world earning $70 million annual as his contract salary. He is currently playing for Manchester United as a Forward as considered as one of the best footballer of the world.

He is also having a private yacht which is of worth $9.2 million. Below are the features of Ronaldo’s Palmer Johnson Ascari yacht.

  • VIP Room | The VIP room is present having incredible features where Ronaldo and his wife spent their time whenever they go for the boating.
  • Enough Guest Space | The 92 feet yacht provides enough space for accommodating 9 guests. Thus, Ronaldo was often seen with his team mates spending their free time.
  • Speed | The Ascari yacht has the ability to hit the top speed up to 30 mph as the twins provide enough energy.

1 – Lionel Messi

  • Country | Argentina
  • Contract Salary | $75 million
  • Yacht | Maiora Seven C
  • Yacht Worth | $12.2 million

Messi’s Maiora Seven C has beaten Ronaldo’s yacht as the worth of his yacht is $12.2 million. With great specs, Seven C is the most expensive one among the yachts, the football players own.

Messi often spend his vacation at his yacht enjoying with his family and friends. The Maiora Seven C posses the following luxurious features.

  • 4 Bedrooms | The 92 feet yacht features 4 bedrooms suites completely furnished with beautiful gadgets giving a magnificent appearance. These suites are often used for the guests.
  • VIP Bedroom | There is also a VIP bedroom present in the yacht for the reside of Argentinian as well as for his wife.
  • Guest Zone | Up to 10 guests can be easily accommodated in the luxurious guest zone of Seven C yacht of Messi.
  • Other Features | Many other gadgets are also present to make the tour more interesting. The yacht is equipped with 2 kayaks, toys, tender and a wave runner.

All these are the details about the football players who own most expensive yachts. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available. Moreover, stay tuned for further updates.

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