Football Players Who Score Goals With Hand | Most Famous Goal Is Scored By Maradona

Football is a game of Honesty and Sportsman spirit. There have been many Occasions where players or teams show this side. However, sometimes the graceful game takes an ugly turn.

The only way to score a goal is to shoot by foot or head or even from the chest. But sometimes, players took benefit of dought and net the ball with their hand.

From Diego Maradona’s Hand of God to Theirry Henry’s World Cup playoff decider, handling the ball in a football game has allowed many footballers to cheat their way to victory. Many Football Players score Hand Goal.

There are many instances where a player handball into the net. These instances have taken place at the Worldcup level or some at the club level.

What is Handball Rule

The handball rule states that any deliberate or unnatural contact between the ball and the arm of an outfield player is an offense. It will warrant a free kick or penalty being given to the opposing team.

Exceptions are granted only when a player is protecting their body, or the ball is struck at an arm that is in a natural position by the player’s side.

Now let’s take a look at the Football Players Hand Goal list:

Football Players Who Score Hand Goal

Paul Scholes- Manchester United vs Zenit St. Petersburg

This goal came at the 2008 European Super Cup when Paul Scholes decided to take the matter into his own hand. The Russian team Zenit St. was leading 2-1 before the final minutes.

However, Scholes has some other plans. Cross came in the penalty box and Scholes couldn’t wait much. He took a leap in the air, swing his arm at the ball, and net it. However, everyone laughed at his volleyball effort. Refer Sent him off.

Lionel Messi- Barcelona vs. Espanyol

Football greatest Player ever couldn’t resist himself against Espanyol. The Argentinian was always compared with Maradona Abilities and hence this one too.

In a game versus Espanyol, Barcelona was 1-0 behind. Messi in desperate reacted to a deflection with a knee raise of his arm as he lunged toward the ball.

Clearly, he used his hand to reach the ball. Commentators immediately referred to the Maradona handball from 1986 as this Goal stands like the mentioned one.

Raul- Real Madrid vs Leeds United

Raul did the hand goal for Real Madrid way before their club rival did. This hand goal came at the 2001 champions league match. Madrid striker diverted the ball into the goal with his hand.

The officials didn’t see the infraction and the goal stood. Real Madrid went on to win the game 3-2. However, after the match, Raul receive a penalty of one match banned and received a fine of £8,000 by UEFA.

Theirry Henry- France vs Ireland

Theirry Henry’s hand goal broke the heart of millions of Ireland Fans. As a place in 2010, World Cup was at stake when France met Ireland in a qualification playoff.

The match was marching towards a 1-1 aggregate draw. The Irish team was trying everything they could to defend themselves till the extra time started.

However, their try went in vain when Henry controlled the ball with his arm before using his hand to push it into a crossing position. His subsequent cross met the head of William Gallas, who ended Ireland’s hopes of a World Cup place.

After the match, he received death threats from the Irish fans.

Diego Maradona- Argentina vs England

The origin of the Hand goal is still known, but a person who makes handball incidents prominent in Football is none other than Argentinian star Diego Maradona.

His hand goal is still so in the limelight that, every time a hand goal is scored, it will be compared with “Hand of God”. One must say “Hand of God’ is the true OG.

The stage was the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals between Maradona’s Argentina and a promising England team. The score at 0-0 before the Infamous Incident.

The ball went into the air and Maradona jumped to the head but he wasn’t able to, as The English keeper was ahead. So, the only possible way that came to his mind, was to stretch his hand and push the ball in the nets, which he did.

The referee showed no obligations and goal stands. Later he scored a goal that got the title of “Goal of the Century” but before the Goal of The century came the Hand of God.

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