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Football Players Odd Jobs


Top 10 Famous Football Players With Odd Jobs | Tim Wiese Became Wrestler After Retiring From Football

Soccer is the most watched sports around the world having billion of fans from all parts. Footballers are admired everywhere on the basis of their skills and performances. Moreover, the footballers receive the highest paying contracts as compared to the other sports players. Thus, they don’t need a second income source. However, here are the football players who are doing odd jobs to fulfil their passion.

Football Players Odd Jobs

Football Players With Odd Jobs

Footballers receive the sky high salaries for playing internationals and for the clubs. Thus, their jobs are not their needs but are their passion which are now also making them earn great wealth.

1 – Gheorghe Popescu

  • Country | Romania
  • Profession | Informant
  • Status | Retired

Popescu, the professional footballer from Romania has played for many different clubs of the top leagues. He remained the captain of FC Barcelona and showed his leading skills there. Moreover, he also remained the part of Tottenham Hotspur and with Lecce.

Besides his football career, Gheorghe has also worked as the police informant in the past. Then, he moved to football world. Although he left the job after entering football. However, his career affected many times due to his job.

2 – Ben Burgess

  • Country | England
  • Profession | Teacher
  • Status | Retired

With his outstanding thought and different nature, Ben Burgess played his role as a teacher. The English footballer is best known for his role as a Forward player and the striker for Blackpool and Hull City. He retired from the football and started teaching to improve the skills of child.

Burgess believed that playing under pressure and scoring a goal against tough opponents is not a success. While counselling a child who hates reading to pick the book is the real way to get the success.

3 – Stuart Pearce

  • Country | England
  • Profession | Electrician
  • Status | Retired

Having unforgiving style of play, Stuart Pearce jobbed as an electrician before starting his professional football career. He managed his expenses after working as an electrician. The English player has played for many clubs including English Premier League Manchester City.

Moreover, he also appeared in 700 club games. In his career, while advertising for Nottingham Forest, Pearce did the electricity work of Brian Clough who was the manager of the team.

4 – Tim Wiese

  • Country | West Germany
  • Profession | Wrestler
  • Status | Retired

Tim Weise was the German professional football goalkeeper who played for different clubs in his professional career. He receive six caps and the famous teams for which he played for are Werder Bremen and Hoffenheim. Wiese spent a great career in the football field.

After getting retired from football in 2014, he started professional wrestling and wrestled his first fight in 2016. He is still active and is looking forward for his next professional fight.

5 – Daniel Agger

  • Country | Denmark
  • Profession | Tattoo Artist
  • Status | Retired

After getting retired from the professional football, Daniel Agger took the training of making tattoos. Now he is joined with Tattoodo which is the world’s largest tattoo making industry. Daniel also invested £450,000 in the Danish sewage company KloAgger.

The Danish defender played wonderfully well for his team and clubs and participated in many breathtaking wins. He also played for Liverpool and Brondby in his professional career.

6 – Papiss Cisse

  • Country | Senegal
  • Profession | Ambulance driver
  • Status | Active

The fact behind this job of Papiss is still not known but the reports revealed that he had this job to save the patients dying on the road. The Senegal player started this job just at the age of 15 years. Moreover, he left his school to do this job full time for meeting his expenses.

Then he started his football journey and become a shining star of the football world. He played for Senegal national football team and also for the SC Freiburg in his professional career. Currently he is playing for Çaykur Rizespor.

7 – Eric Cantona

  • Country | France
  • Profession | Actor
  • Status | Active

The former professional footballer is now playing his role as an actor and film producer. Cantona started his football career in 1983. He remained the part of many world class club including Leeds and Manchester United. Cantona retired from football just at the age of 30 years.

Then, he started his career as an actor and is currently performing his duties as film producer and director. He played the role of French Ambassador in English film Elizabeth.

8 – Nigel De Jong

  • Country | Netherland
  • Profession | Car Dealer
  • Status | Active

The professional football player started his professional career in 2002 and played for many different clubs in the past. His technical skills earned him so much fame at the beginning of his career. De Jong also played for the Netherland national football team.

The professional football player is also having a great interest in the automobile industry. Thus, he is now working as car dealer.

9 – Jamie Vardy

  • Country | England
  • Profession | Factory Worker
  • Status | Active

The English footballer did a lot of hard work before coming to the professional career. He worked as a factory technician and made medical instruments to meet his expenses. At the same time, he played non-league football matches to maximize his experience.

Vardy is currently the in-form player for Leicester City and has played his part in many epic wins of the club.

10 – Craig Noone

  • Country | England
  • Profession | Roofer
  • Status | Active

Noone’s professional football career started in 2005. Since then, he played brilliantly and showed his exceptional skills to the world. In his career, he played for many world class clubs. Now, he is currently having contract with Macarthur FC and is playing as a winger.

Before coming to the football, Craig Noone worked as roofer and worked hard to make his living. Moreover, he also played local football matches for small wages. And then he is one of the most in-demand football player.

That’s all about the details of the football players who have done or are doing odd jobs for making their livings or to fulfil their passions. Further updates will be available in the list, stay tuned for more information!

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