Top 10 Most Popular Footballers Who Got Bankrupt | Brad Friedel Tops The List With The Debt Of $6 Million

Footballers Who Got Bankrupt

Football is although the highest paying sport in the world and players earn massive through the contracts deals and endorsements. However there are some footballers who got bankrupt as they have spent their all money on the luxuries and expenses. Moreover, many other reasons are also there like they have divorced their spouse and are addicted to gambling. Here are the complete details about the top 10 most popular footballers who got bankrupt after wasting their money and taking debt from the banks.

Most Popular Footballers Who Got Bankrupt

5 – Royston Drenthe

  • Status | Active
  • Net Worth | $1.5 million
  • Debt | $375k

Having played for various clubs in his career, Royston is still active and has recently signed a contract deal with Real Murcia. He is playing as a left-winger and has also showed brilliant performance as left-back. Royston has faced the debt issue as he quit the football career after spending a great time with Real Madrid and started singing. He got bankrupt for the amount of $375k.

4 – Paul Merson

  • Status | Retired
  • Net Worth | $13 million
  • Debt | $980k

Paul Merson, former professional English footballer, best known for his career with the top tier English Club Arsenal. He has played as an attacking mid-fielder in his career and was very famous for his impressive ball shooting. In his career, he earned a great deal of money but the habit of betting and gambling along with women addiction has caused him lose his $30 million and went under the debt of $980k. Now, he recovered from all those bad habits and is having a current net worth of $13 million as he is working as a pundit on Sky Sports.

3 – Emmanuel Eboue

  • Status | Retired
  • Net Worth | $3.5 million
  • Debt | $1 million

The Ivorian former professional footballer has also spent a leading career in football and has also played in Premier League. Moreover, ludicrous contracts with several top tier clubs of the big leagues have earned him a great money. But Eboue went bankrupt as he has to pay the debt of $1 million for different issues. Still he is facing issues but has recovered his loss to a great extent.

2 – David James

  • Status | Retired
  • Net Worth | $15 million
  • Debt | $2 million

James is one of the best goalkeeper in the all history of football and has been the part of so many big clubs including Liverpool and Manchester City. The former English footballer has earned $30 million during his career. But surprisingly, he also got bankrupt for $2 million as he lost the money in the divorce and luxury lifestyle. Now, he is in much better financial state with the net worth of $15 million as he has grabbed a solid money from modeling.

1 – Brad Friedel

  • Status | Retired
  • Net Worth | $850k
  • Debt | $6 million

Brad Friedel is one of the biggest name of Premier League history as he holds the record of 310 consecutive appearances in the matches. Friedel has played magnificently in his career and represented United States in 3 FIFA world cups. Although having expensive contract deals with clubs, he still went under the debt of whopping $6 million. But now, he is working as a coach and came out of the financial crisis.

Top 10 Most Popular Footballers Who Got Bankrupt

#No.FootballersNet WorthDebt
1Brad Friedel$850k$6 million
2David James$15 million$2 million
3Emmanuel Eboue$3.5million$1 million
4Paul Merson$13 million$980k
5Royston Drenthe$1.5 million$375k
6Lee Hendrie$1.5 million$250k
7Paul Gascoigne$100k$250k
8Keith Gillepsie$3.72 million$170k
9Eric Djemba-Djemba$3 million$150k
10John Arne Riise$1.5 million$125k

All these are the details about the top 10 most popular footballers who got bankrupt for the debts. The numbers given in the table are estimated as the official details are not disclosed due to court orders. If there is any change, we will make them available. Stay tuned for more updates!