Top 10 Footballers with most Social Media Followers

This article will lead you towards the Footballers with the most social media followers. But before concluding the player’s followers list, one must know:

  • Why social media followers matter?
  • How social media followers can help players to get sponsorship deal?

Why do social media followers matter?

it’s a digital era in which we are living and social media is a part of our daily routine life. Players are no different than us in this matter.

They play a key role in winning matches for their teams, thus millions of people follow them.

With millions of followers in number, Football players can raise their voice on certain issues or be role models for their fans.

How social media followers can help players get sponsorship deals?

Millions of people follow their favorite footballers on social media. It helps players to attract companies for their product marketing.

Millions of fans wait for the Player post or what he’s doing these days, where he is going? They want to know everything.

Fans are obsessed with their favorite players. So, advertisement companies keenly observed the follower’s engagement and then make sponsorship deals with Football players.

Footballers With Most Social Media Followers

#1. Cristiano Ronaldo

There is no denial in accepting why Cristiano Ronaldo is the most famous football player ever. He is a mile ahead in the social media follower race. Almost in every continent, People who watch football know his name.

He is a 5-time ballon d’Or winner and accomplished new heights even at the age of 36. Millions of Fan follows him on different social media platforms.

Let’s take a look at his follower’s numbers:

  • Total: 559 million
  • Instagram: 377 Million
  • Facebook: 155 million
  • Twitter: 30.5 million

That’s some numbers to get million dollars sponsorship deals.

#2. Lionel Messi

The record 7 time Ballon d’Or and 6-time golden shoe award winner needs no introduction. The star footballer is breaking every world record and writing his name in the greatest footballers list.

Messi’s popularity is second to none. As the aced footballer joining PSG tweet becomes the most liked, retweet.

His post for holding 7th ballon d’Or is the most liked picture on Instagram. Have a look at his numbers:

  • Total: 492 million
  • Instagram: 289 million
  • Facebook: 200 million
  • Twitter: 3 million

Without engaging on Twitter, he is still the most like footballer on Facebook and 2nd to only Cristiano on Instagram

#3. Neymar

Brazilian wizard, Neymar is 2nd on the list with a total of 268 million followers. Neymar rise to fame when he wins the Puskas award for his goal.

After the award, he never looks back. PSG buy him in 2017 by paying the highest transfer fee.

Neymar truly stands on the hype as he leads PSG to the champions league finals and semifinals for consecutive seasons. Have a look at his numbers:

  • Total: 268 million
  • Instagram: 166 million
  • Facebook: 88 million
  • Twitter: 15 million
RankPlayerTotal Followers (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
1Cristiano Ronaldo559 million
2Lionel Messi492 million
3Neymar268 million
4David Beckham113 million
5Ronaldinho105 million
6James Rodriguez95 million
7Gareth Bale88 million
8Andres Iniesta85 million
9Sergio Ramos78 million
10Mesut Ozil77 million
Most Followed Footballers – Instagram:
  1. Cristiano Ronaldo
  2. Lionel Messi
  3. Neymar
  4. James Rodriguez
  5. Marcelo
  6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  7. Gareth Bale
  8. Kylian Mbappe
  9. Paul Pogba
  10. Sergio Ramos
Most Followed Footballers – Twitter:
  1. Cristiano Ronaldo
  2. Neymar
  3. Kaka
  4. Andres Iniesta
  5. Mesut Ozil
  6. Gerard Pique
  7. James Rodriguez
  8. Gareth Bale
  9. Radamel Falcao
  10. Wayne Rooney

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